Monday, June 23, 2014

A Much Needed Happiness Update

My dad went back into the hospital today. It's nothing as major as the previous hospitalizations...though it's nothing minor either. He has a giant blood clot in his left leg so he'll be inpatient for a few days getting treatment for it. Thought I'd take the opportunity to do a much needed  100 Happy Days update! I promise an actual book review is coming soon as I'm almost finished TWO books finally!

Day 12

  • Starting to get my finances under control again by canceling monthly subscription stuff and downloading an app called Mint that's really awesome! 
  • Got a new hat and shirt (counterproductive as it may be to above happy thing)
  • Got to sleep in my own bed again after sleeping at my moms, which was a happy thing, but it's not my own bed.
Day 13
  • Working with my friend Paul...I look forward to Fridays when we work together, we always have fun at work!
  • My little brother sleeping over at my apartment. His girlfriend had a dance recital close to my apartment, so he stayed here.
  • Looking through old pictures of my family at my dad's house.
Day 14
  • New growth on one of my cacti and my fiddle leaf fig!

  • A wonderfully quiet night at work during which I got to read 100 pages of my book
  • A new beer
  • I started Orphan Black, which OMG why did I just start this show??? But can it please never end? And can someone please give Tatiana Maslany an award for best actress ever??
Day 15
  • Going to play Bingo with my friend Jessica at my favorite bar, The Half Moon
  • Winning Bingo! I won a bottle of vanilla spiced whiskey and a USA headband :p 
  • Getting caught in the rain leaving in a torrential down pour that left me looking like I just got out of the shower with my clothes on and I had water up to my ankles walking to my car. Yet it made me just laugh hysterically :p 
  • Dinner at moms
  • The World Cup. That GAME! Robbed!
  • Getting letters from friends that made me smile so much :)
Day 16
  • Dad finally going to get help at the hospital
  • Really good sessions with clients
  • MORE Orphan Black
  • Marcos pizza
  • Inspired by a photo Trish posted on instagram, ice cream (specifically Blue Bell Banana Pudding) to cure the bad day blues
  • This new app called Breeze! Love it! It's like having a fitbit on your iPhone. It tracks your steps and sets goals for you every day. And I NEED something to help me lose weight right now since my doctor put me on a pill to help with my high pulse. Now that it's lower, so is my metabolism :/ The pizza and ice cream mentioned above do not help....


Beth F said...

Getting finances in order = sudden need to have all the things. Sigh.

I'll check out the breeze app. I've been forgetting to wear my fitbit lately.

Amanda said...

That picture of your brother cracks me up. Morrigan makes that face all the time for pictures now. :D

Trish said...

We've been trying to budget as well but it seems that as soon as we do, something happens like our toilet cracking and leaking water all over. Ha!

Many things to be happy for but that ice cream...ZOMG! I didn't think you could get Blue Bell outside of Texas. Lucky you! ;)

While I've been a crap blogger lately, I have missed seeing posts from you the past few months. Here's to being happy!

Bookfool said...

Oh, wow, look at all I've missed during the time I've been away and busy with the stupid house sale (not done -- just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks). I'm too worn out to read all your other posts but I love this happy thing, of course. Hope your dad heals quickly. Loved the thing about the pouring rain. That's the kind of thing that gives me giggle fits, too. Oh, look, I resemble a drowned rat. Might as well laugh if you can't do anything about it.

So, Chris, I went to Simon's workshop in NYC and it was The. Best. Workshop. Ever. I wish you could have come with me. It was so incredibly inspiring I can't even verbalize how I feel. If you meet up with me, some time, I'll talk you through my notes. It's not the same as hearing Simon, obviously, but I think you'd enjoy what little I could add to what I wrote down. When's your next vacation time? Write me. I want to make meeting up happen.

DesLily said...

wow you had lots of happy stuff!! Mama is happy that you are happy!!! lol

The Fig leaves are gorgeous! can't believe that it's growing so nice in the apt!

my happy news today is I got an A-ok from the eye doctor so it's a "go" for next wednesday for the other eye!

and the other happy news is: I love you babyboy! xoxo

Susan said...

This is a fun way to do 100 days of happiness! Yaaay! I'm doing it over on Facebook, since I find it easier to post quick thoughts there. I am so happy to see you back here, Chris.

Very happy to hear your dad went for help. And all the things you are happy about :-)

Finances - after getting our house foundation repaired, we now have to deal with the loan. Sigh. Between that and the dentist trips, no vacation trips this summer for us. At least the whole summer is still ahead of us!!!