Thursday, June 19, 2014

4 Days of Happiness!

Catch up time on 100 days of Happiness!

Day 8:

  • Picking strawberries from my strawberry patch at my mom's house. So excited with how many I'm getting this year! And they're getting bigger each week too. At first I didn't think I would have many but they're proving me wrong!
  • Spending father's day with the family together (sans my little brother :() But he was at Disney World with his girlfriend for the first time in his life, so I guess that's a happy thing too ;)
  • TV shows! Sunday is normally a good TV day. Believe ended and I'm so upset about that. It started off slow, but it really picked up and turned into such a good show and I'm pissed that it didn't get renewed :( I really loved those characters. Then there's Food Network Star, Devious Maids (which reminds me a bit of Desperate Housewives), and AMC's new show Halt and Catch Fire which had some interesting turns of events this weekend!
  • A bath with a book, always pleasant.
  • A Lisa Snellings-Clark email announcing an upcoming kickstarter project!
Day 9:
  • The other 2 Persephone books arrived: Diary of a Provincial Lady by E. M. Delafield and Gardener's Nightcap by Muriel Stuart along with a free canvas tote bag that's lined with a beautiful fabric!
  • I got the Forest Swords album on vinyl finally which is one of my favorite albums of last year. It took a little bit of growing on me, but DAMN I love that album so much. It's called Engravings and it's really good. It's sort of indescribable when it comes to genre. It has an electronic feel to it, an ambient feel to it, but it's completely it's own type of music.
  • Two good sessions with my clients
  • Gorgeous sunset over the lake on my way home. I don't get to appreciate that too often because of my work hours
  • I started The Walking Dead on Netflix after much persuasion from Debi! 
  • I finished a new page in my stamp journal
Day 10
  • Another really good session with a new client. I can't stress how much I love my private practice and how fulfilling that is. So wish I had a big enough case load that I could just do that. Still far from that goal though.
  • Got a much needed haircut and it feels so good, especially with it being summer.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel :D New Wes Anderson is always a reason for celebration!
  • New buds on the rosebush! 
  • I treated my betta to some new decorations for his tank and he seems to be in love with them :p He's been swimming around them and through them like crazy.
  • New Neil Gaiman! The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains arrived today...I've read the story before, I believe in his Stories anthology but it's now in it's own beautiful hardcover edition with gorgeous paintings and illustrations throughout!
Day 11
  • I ran into my friend Rachel today who I haven't seen in ages. Well quite literally barged into her :p She shares my private practice office with me and I accidentally walked in on her counseling session when I arrived early for my client :p Whoops! Good news is, I got to see her afterwards and get a Rachel hug!
  • My car note is paid finally. I was stressing majorly about finances this month even though it's only the 18th of the month. I'm a bit anal about having my bills paid super early...but good news is, they're paid now!
  • Stereogum did an article on the top 10 Tori Amos songs of all time. And while I may not agree completely, I liked seeing Tori getting coverage on Stereogum. Bonus: My sister later sent me the link as well :) Love that my sister read the article and thought of me. Bonus 2: I'll be seeing Tori in just a little over a month! 
  • My sister also sent me an email from pinterest about book space ideas which made me really want to do something with my spare bedroom in my apartment book wise...I found this pinterest site that I fell in LOVE with and I want all of these libraries in my non existent house. Lots of good ideas there!
  • New Zola Jesus album coming in October and this little teaser video clip has me SUPER excited about it!
  • Sleeping at my mom's tonight and that's always super comfy :)
What's making you happy right now?


Debi said...

This post just made me super happy! And you know, I really needed it this morning, so THANK YOU!!! :D

Snowball said...

Catching up on my blog visiting tonight, and the happy has just blown me away. I sometimes get so caught up in my current struggles that I forget to even look for things to be happy about. And it's wonderful to see so many bright spots in your days.

Beth F said...

Reading your thoughts makes me happy! I've started 100 happy days in photos -- using the random setting in hiptamatic, which not only lets me remember the good things of each day but teaches me some good combos of film and lenses in the camera app