Monday, July 28, 2008

Mousegaurd by David Petersen

My least favorite day of the week is 27 minutes away from being over, thank God. I've always had an aversion to Mondays...I know that's not rare and I'm certainly not the only one, but things always seem to get a little bit better once you can make it past Monday. Today was a trial. Lets just say that work was crazy tonight. I work in admissions at a psychiatric hospital, so things can be a little out of hand sometimes, but it really just got laid on thick tonight. It was bad. I managed to make it until 11 though when I got off. As I'm walking out the door, the phone rings and I think "I can get that and be nice or I can just let it ring...." I decided to be nice despite being cranky. The resulting call was a person telling me that their wife just left them and that they were feeling suicidal. So I immediately went into counselor mode and tried to calm them down and when I realized that they wouldn't calm down asked if someone could take them to an emergency room. They said no...I asked if they could call the police...they said no...when I asked why they couldn't call the police, the response was "because this is a prank bitch!" I can't even begin to tell you how pissed off I was. I work with suicidal people all day who are at the end of their rope and this little ass is going to get off on making fun of those people. I wish I would've checked the caller ID because I would've called the little asshole back and chewed him out, but I just slammed the phone down. So that's how my night ended. So now I'm sitting in front of the computer drinking Bailey's on the rocks :p Have to do something to calm down! Corporate is in town for the rest of the week and will be watching us like a hawk...yay...:/ In book news, I did finish Mouseguard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen a few days ago and it's amazing! The art is what originally drew me to this graphic novel. Petersen's art is unlike any other art I've seen in a graphic novel. The colors are rich and each page looks like a detailed, meticulously done work of art. The mice are incredibly cute, yes, but you lose that sense of cuteness when you begin to read the story and pick up the "epic-ness" of it. It's described as "Lord of the Rings meets Stuart Little" and I can see that. It's the story of a group of guard mice who's job is to protect a town of mouse territories. But it is soon evident that there is a traitor among them and a group plans to overthrow them. We follow them in their adventures in battles in a manner similar to something like Watership Down. I thought of Watership Down quite a bit while reading this one. I loved how the towns of the mice were described, their history and folklore was laid out, and best of all, how the graphics accompanied it all. Wonderful graphic novel. I can't wait for the next book, Winter 1152, due out in December! Another one for the Irresistible Review Challenge. I first heard about this one from Carl and have been wanting it ever since (so he gets the credit for it) and then Nymeth's review put me over the edge to read it now. Thanks guys!

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