Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tying Up Loose Ends And A Website

This has been a repetitive theme of my blog lately and I apologize for boring people to tears, but I'm fitting in another "end of the semester" blog entry.

Tomorrow's the last day at my internship site and I'm so sad about it. I've loved it over there so much. I'd work there for free if I could. OK, maybe not, but I've enjoyed it that much. I'm going to miss the patients so much even though they're only there for about a week at a time and the crowd is constantly changing. I feel like I've actually made a difference in these kid's lives. I see kids come into the hospital in a really bad off way and leave with a smile on their face and it feels so good to know that they have that fighting chance.

I had a family session at the end of the day today and thought to myself "that went horrible, she's not leaving anytime soon." The reason she's not leaving anytime soon is that she's still a threat to her family. Basically, people come into the hospital because they're a threat to themselves or a threat to others. Usually suicidal or homicidal attempts or ideation. We don't discharge them until the doctor thinks they're no longer suicidal or homicidal. So when I realized that the girl wasn't going home because she was still a threat to others, I had this moment of awakening that all of the other people who do go home have actually changed and they're actually not a threat to others anymore (for the moment at least). It felt so good to come to that realization and to think that I may have had a hand in steering them towards the change that they need to make. I definitely think that it's the client that does the work and makes the change. I take no responsibility for that. But it's nice to think that I might've put a spark into someone's mind that ignited a fire for change.

So now I'm getting nervous about not being able to find a job. I talked to a girl today who works at a grief counseling center for children down here and she said she would give my name and number to her boss. That made me happy. I'd love to do that. There's really not a whole lot of places to work with children here in New Orleans. That's the population I want to work with. I love working with adolescents. I've enjoyed it so much this semester and I know that's where I belong. Just can't find a place that will pay me to do that. I can do that in private practice, but I need somewhere to work while I'm getting my licensure first. We'll see.

On a totally different note, I've sparked up quite a conversation in the comments section of a previous post about a website that Marina told me about. The website is Now, in addition to that, bookfool went on to tell me about that has a code for that offers an additional savings. The website offers all kinds of really great books at, you got it, close out prices. I scored 10 books for $60.15 after shipping. All of the books were hardcover or trade paperbacks. Marina also told me that you can enter a wishlist and it lets you know when books you want become available as closeout books. WARNING!! This is a VERY dangerous website ;) Stephanie wanted to know what books I bought, so here they are:

1. Wyrms by Orson Scott Card
2. The Book Of Ballads by Charles Vess and others
3. The Faery Reel ed. by Terri Windling Illus. by Charles Vess
4. The Wood Wife by Terri Windling
5. Into the Green by Charles de Lint
6. Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny
7. Tithe by Holly Black
8. What it Takes to Pull Me Through by David Marcus
9. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
10. Martin Dressler by Steven Millhauser

Not a bad list, eh?


Nymeth said...

Good luck finding a job, Chris. I'm sure you'll make it soon enough.

And that's a fantastic list! So many books there that I want! I'm especially curious about the Charles Vess book of ballads, please make sure you share your thoughts once you read it!

Chris said...

Oh don't worry, I'll definitely post a review. You should get yourself a copy! Amazon has copies for cheap too if you buy from other sellers. Looks like a great anthology.

Bookfool said...

Good luck on the job front. I can imagine New Orleans is not the greatest place to look for work, these days. Maybe another mid-sized city like Memphis or Jackson would have more options?
Cool list! And, yeah, I know I'm probably getting you into all sorts of trouble letting you know about the discount codes. That was what kept me going back for ages.

I forgot to reply to your comment about the orchid. Did you put it in a sunny spot? Mine's in a sunny window but not direct sunlight. Usually, I close that window in the heat of summer, though, because it might as well be a tin roof - it bleeds heat like crazy. So, I'm thinking about where to move the plant when it gets too hot.

Chris said...

I've actually considered both Jackson AND Memphis, Bookfool. There's an organization called Youth Villages that has offices in both and they're pretty cool. I'm considering them. I may just have to relocate. I have mixed feelings about that...but that's a whole 'nother post :p

Our orchid is in a similar place. It gets sun, but not direct sunlight. It's a window that's underneath our covered patio and it seems to be the perfect place! We'll see...

Quixotic said...

Lots of good luck with the job hunt!

Great list of books - yum!

DesLily said...

the hard part about finding a job.. is finding that one job where you can be happy at.

I hope you are one of the fortunate ones and find that perfect job!!

Bellezza said...

I am not even reading about another place to buy books: "I can't hear you," said with fingers stuck in ears. Okay, I'll go see it this afternoon. Thanks for notifiying those who "live under rocks." :)

Chris said...

Thanks Quix, I hope a job come my way soon. Isn't it a great a list :D

That is the hard part Deslily. That's what I'm struggling the most with. I don't want to just settle and just take the first thing that comes my way, but at the same time, I need a job. I don't know what to do!

Bellezza, I really didn't need another book buying site either. Evil, evil, But in a good way :)

Stephanie said...

I have a feeling you won't have a hard time finding a job. The world needs more people like who are willing to help out others, especially kids!! Good luck!

And many thanks to posting your list!! Some I've heard of...others I haven't. I'll be looking for reviews either way!

Chris said...

Thanks for the encouragement Stephanie, appreciate it!

You may be waiting awhile for reviews ;) I have so many books in front of these...though some may cut in line in front of others.

Bookfool said...

My eldest loves Memphis and Jackson is a really decent place; I think I could live there. LOL Both are not too far from home. I'll cross my fingers you find something wonderful, soon.

Okay, yep, your orchid spot sounds about like mine but without the added overhang to shade the window. I'll have to look into options to block that heat. There's got to be a way to cut out the energy drain. Thanks for the reply. :)