Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Random Thoughts On A Beautiful Day

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and it's just gorgeous outside. We cherish these days in New Orleans. It tends to go straight from winter to summer here, so when we get a little bit of spring, we really appreciate it. And this day is very much appreciated. It sets the mood for a wonderful thing - my last final...EVER! I can't tell you how happy that makes me. The ethics final is at 5:30 and I'm thinking that it won't be a problem for me.

Upon walking around the garden outside, I discovered that we have all kinds of veggies sprouting. Lots of tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, and eggplants. I love growing veggies. Even though I tend not to eat them, their fun to grow. All of the vegetable that I like are either too much of a pain in the ass to grow or they just don't grow well down here. I'm a big fan of fruit, but fruit doesn't do to well in Louisiana either. At least we don't have the room to grow fruit properly.

I went on an online book buying spree last night. On a previous post, someone left a comment telling me about a website called bookcloseouts.com....dangerous!!! Amazing prices on books! And so many great ones. I bought 10 books last night from their website. I really have to stop. This is starting to get out of control. I'm going to have to start renting another house just to keep the books in. Oh well...I could have worse habits than buying books I suppose.


Quixotic said...

Hey Chris, sounds like a lovely day.

The veggie garden sounds great. With all the other stuff going on I doubt we'll do too much growing this year, which is kind of sad.

Book buying is addictive...I found some very tempting stuff on ebay today...and am struggling to resist.

Chris said...

Quix, It sounds like you've been busy! You need to give yourself a break. You deserve something from ebay ;P

Literacy-chic said...

Now why did you go and post a link to that website? I'm still trying to get over some of the other links you've posted to cheap books... ;)

Chris said...

Haha...yeah, it's a dangerous one. But when I placed my order, it let me know that I save $102.00! yay!

DesLily said...

oh man...my list "to buy" is so long now I'm afraid to look!

congrats again on that last exam!

Chris said...

Deslily...that's exactly what I did. Typed in my "to buy" list. And they had TONS of them. I only bought ten though. I could've bought lot more.

Bookfool said...

I've been struggling for the right word to describe our weather, since we've pitched into high humidity. All I could come up with was gack, ew, yuck, etc. LOL I'm glad you had such a terrific day. Last final? Yeehaw!

Bookcloseouts is seriously dangerous. I have stopped going there because it's just too good to be true. Should I tell you how to get a discount? I'll get you in trouble, but usually if you go to www.currentcodes.com there is some sort of discount code available. My favorite thing about Bookcloseouts is that I can often find the British Chick Lit I love (I'm not too fond of American or Irish - weird, but true) before it's published in the U.S. Oh, total coolness.

There are a lot of much worse vices than spending money on books. You learn from them, they're calorie free and they don't cause cancer. Ha! The perfect vice! ;)

Chris said...

Very true Bookfool, there are worse addictions! Oh no! You had to go and make a tempting thing even more tempting. currentcodes.com huh? What a dangerous site! You just saved me tons though in the future. thanks :)

Carl V. said...

I support book buying addiction...I say indulge!!! ;)

Stephanie said...

Book buying is an addiction! My name is Stephanie and I'm an addict!! I think we need to start a 12-step program!

But the read question is....what did you buy?? Come on Chris...feed my addiction!!

Glad to hear you are done with finals. Congrats!

Marina said...

Oh, dear... what monster have I fed?


Did you see the part where you can submit a wishlist, and they'll notify you if/when they receive any?

*ducks and runs*

Oh, and *best thinking/eloquence* vibes coming your way in regards to your final.

Chris said...

Carl, Right there with you on that one brutha-man!

Stephanie, Haha...Carl once had this same discussion on his comments once I think where we were all saying "Hi my name is so and so and I'm an addict". Thanks for the congrats! I'm getting ready to do a new post. I'll post all of the books that I bought since you asked. :)

AHA! It was you Marina! I couldn't remember exactly who told me about the site ;) A wishlist! Oh no!

Bookfool said...

Adding a discount code is like putting the whipped cream, sprinkles and cherry on top of the dessert, isn't it? Oh, the temptation. LOL

Chris said...

What a great way of putting it Bookfool :D