Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

The Game:

What a game, what a game, what a game! I'm so happy for the Colts, and so happy for Manning. It was a big win for New Orleans too to have one of our own win the big bowl. You could blame some of it on the rain, but the Colts just played a hell of a lot better than the Bears. I couldn't get over the amount of turnovers in this game! That was nuts. All in all it was a great game, a great night, and a great victory. They're going to Disney World! Pro Bowl next weekend where we get one last look at Drew Brees this season.

Halftime show:

Prince rocked it! So many people were saying "why Prince?" That's why Prince! OK, so some people are still saying that, but I think he was great. Maybe it's because I play guitar and respect him as an amazing guitar player and one hell of a performer whether you like his songs ore not. Two complaints about the performance: 1. I wish he would've played all of "All Along the Watchtower" instead of going into "Best of You." 2. I wish he would've done "Kiss". But that's OK, he still did a great job and "Purple Rain" was awesome. Talk about bring you back. The whole show was great. Loved the stage, loved the lights, loved the fireworks, loved the marching band. I used to play sax in high school in the marching band, so marching bands always bring me back to fine memories.

Favorite Commercials:

#1 Sierra Mist's "Beard Comb-over"....come on, that was hilarious. I wouldn't mind watching commercials like that all the time.

#2 Budweisers Slap in the Face...I'm liking the new trend.

#3 Fed-Ex Ground's Don't Judge Things by Their Name...Harry, I-lean, Joy, and Mr. Turkeyneck...that was quite funny.


Carl V. said...

I'm happy for the Colts. I feel bad for Grossman, he's going to be crucified in the media when the reality is that the vaunted Bears defense let the Colts run the ball all over them.

There were quite a few fun commercials. Loved the first Doritoes commercial with the car wreck. Enjoyed the turkeyneck one you mentioned and the slap one. Liked the mouse Blockbuster commercial.

I really like Prince but was annoyed by the sound quality of the halftime show. They have two weeks to prepare for this and I don't understand why it has to sound like you are listening to the concert through someone's cell phone.

Now that it is done I am happy for Peyton and happy for Tony D, especially after what they went through last year with the suicide of his son.

Chris said...

I know,there couldn't be a better year for them to win the bowl. I feel bad for Grossman too. I'm not a big fan of him, but the media just gets ridiculous when you make a few mistakes. It's ashame that he has to live under a magnifying lens. I liked the doritos and mouse commercial too. they had some good ones this year, but nowhere near the ones from last year. I remember last years being so epic! And the sound quality is always horrible during the show. You'd think with today's technology, we could get a decent sound coming from the TV. Sheesh.