Monday, February 5, 2007

The Long Day is Over

What a long day it was! I worked this morning on the unit, but it was a nice morning. The clients were having a collectively "good" day which made the therapeutic process much easier.

After that, I had my first day of counseling with my role played client. Since for some reason we can't get any real clients to take our offer of free counseling, the undergraduates are role playing clients for us counselors in training. I thought that mine went relatively well today. Today I basically just had to go over the HIPPA rules regarding privacy and then go into my practice and procedures. Next week I go into an intake. I don't like this role-played setting. We do this in front of the classroom in front of about 10 of our peers and 5 of our professors. Very intimidating, I feel like I'm defending my dissertation. Faculty members had some good things to say about me as well as a few things to correct. Mainly my language. I tend to say "um" alot and also ended a few sentences with "and other things like that". One teacher called this "diarrhea of the mouth". Not the most kind thing she could've said, but point taken. My main thing was nerves. Like I said, I felt like I was defending my dissertation at first and was very nervous, but as I continued I eventually got lost in the session and forgot that others were watching. I do so much better at my internship. I feel like I do a good job with clients when I'm not under scrutiny, and that's how the real world will be. I won't be doing a counseling session in front of 15 people in the real world. Which is why I'm not crazy about these role-played sessions. I could be doing this for real at my internship instead of being in class. But whatever, I'll make it work.

A few interesting things found in blog-land. "Why Do I Need a Title?" humorously describes the adventures of online dating in this post. Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings gives a good fair review of Blood and Chocolate at this post. Literacy-chic has some good points to make about the recent HPV vaccine that is required of school aged girls in Texas at this post. Endicott Redux offers a link to the online Journal of Mythic Arts which is fascinating at this post. And in Orson Scott Card's latest column, he talks about the Harry Potter series and his take on Snape at the bottom of this post.

Hope everyone's day was good! I'm off to watch Heroes!


Carl V. said...

Wasn't bad, for a Monday. Picked up the latest issue of Faerie magazine today because it featured and article on Terri Windling and Endicott Studio. It was very good. Watched some Ma and Pa Kettle and read a fantastic short science fiction story, The Fate of Mice by Susan Palwick. All in all it was a nice Monday.

I hated doing any kind of 'in front of the class' work in school so I empathize with you!

Chris said...

Sounds like a good one! I'll have to check out Faerie...sounds like a good issue.