Sunday, February 11, 2007

2007 Grammys

This was one of the best award shows I've seen in a long time. I didn't realize how good of a year 2006 actually was for music. 2006 really just seemed to just fly by between Katrina recovery and my first year of grad school. But after tonight's show, I see that it was a pretty damn good year.

The Police were amazing as I was expecting. Sting is one of those artists who is just the master of everything he does. I loved the little slow part they added in the middle of Roxanne. Terrific performance and good to see The Police back together again.

I thought that Beyonce really did a great job tonight and showed how great of an artist she really is. She has an amazing voice and showed that she doesn't have to hide behind a dance track. This girl can really sing.

I was very surprised by Justin Timberlake. His song "What goes around comes around" was great. And who knew he could play piano. He has also really proved himself as an artist. He can tackle just about any genre.

My favorite performance of the night by far was Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend and John Mayer. It really doesn't get any better than that. Corrinne Bailey Rae is just amazing. I had never heard much of her music before, but will be buying her CD after tonight's performance. She reminds me alot of Feist. John Legend is someone who I never really paid too much attention too, but he's really good! John Mayer has become one of my favorite artists after his latest album, Continuum. I love to see someone play music who does it for the music. He's an amazing songriter, guitarist and vocalist. Terrific combination of talent on that performance and good to see John Mayer win best pop album.

Shakira gave a good performance with Wyclef. I love watching Shakira dance and she really does have a good voice...very unique.

Gnarls Barkley is just great. I love watching him perform. I also love how he can be nominated for best alternative, hip hop and R&B album. He's like a big melting pot of talent.

Wow is all I have to say about Mary J. Blige. That woman pours herself into everything she does and I don't think anyone can deny her being one of the best vocalists out there right now. Amazing performance.

Carrie Underwood surprised me. I didn't watch that season of American Idol, and I'm not a big fan of country music. But she did really great tonight. Lot's of talent in that girl. I was happy for her for winning best new artists, though I would've rather seen Imogen Heap or Corinne Bailey Rae win.

Christina Aguilera's tribute to James Brown was so good. That girl can sing like nobody's business. I always forget how great of a vocalist she is until I see her perform live.

James Blunt. He really is a good singer, but I am so freaking sick of that song. We get it. She's beautiful.

Loved seeing Quentin Tarantino present best record of the year. That man cracks me up, and he can make some damn good movies. Still trying to figure the difference between best record and best album.

Red Hot Chili Peppers were great as usual. No surprise there. Those guys have been consistently great since they got on the scene.

My one complaint for the night was the damn Dixie Chicks. I'm sorry, but I can't stand them. They just grate on my last nerves. I think that the Grammy's really went partisan this year between them and Al Gore. I just don't like them personally or musically. I know plenty of people disagree with me, but I'm not sure they deserved all the awards they got.

Really cool revelation, Scarlett Johanssen is recording her first album. Can't wait to hear that. She's an amazing actress and I just like everything about her. Wonder what type of music she's doing.

So that's my Grammy round up for the year. All in all, it was a pretty good show.


Carl V. said...

I love some of the Dixie Chicks older music but haven't been real hot on them since the prez-bashing incident. I realize its a free country and all but some forms of stupidity shouldn't be celebrated. Their winning seems more like a political statement than an honest evaluation of the music.

Didn't watch last night but heard there were some good performances.

Won't matter to me what kind of music Scarlett makes, I'll watch the videos just to stare at her, that girl is smoking hot.

Chris said...

HAHA, I have to agree, Scarlett is a beauty. There were some great performances last night. I was happily surprised.

I definitely think that the grammy's were making a political statement. Award shows seem to be getting more political.

I wanted to watch Dracula last night on masterpiece theater but I got sucked into the rewards. I really hope they replay it.

Carl V. said...

I'm sure they will. I didn't find out about Dracula until it was too late. I love the book so much that I am usually really disappointed with film versions but I'll see what others think of this and maybe give it a go when it comes out on DVD.