Monday, February 12, 2007

A Good Start

This Monday has been really good so far! Can't remember the last time I said that. I had a great morning at work. We had a really small group, but the patients we did have talked alot and made some progress hopefully. I didn't have to pull teeth to get them to talk today.

I got home just about 30 minutes ago, and waiting for me at the doorstep was a very welcome package with hands and hearts stamped all over it. Opened it up and it was my "lucks dancer harlequin" from Lisa Snellings-Clark. It's amazing. 1000 times better in person than it looked on the internet, and I loved it on the internet! I'm so happy. She presents her art to the buyer very well. She's great down to the last detail of the packaging. And I got a little note from her with a poppet sketch on it, and a little pink poppet magnet.

Lets just hope that the rest of the day continues to go well. I have class in about an hour. And then I have a brand new episode of Heroes waiting for me when I get home!

Happy Monday everyone....hope everyone has as good of a Monday as me.


Carl V. said...

Getting home to waiting packages is such a wonderful thing. Although I love shopping for books in stores it still gives me a thrill to order online and have that package come to my door.

Glad you're Monday was good. I've come down with a really nasty cold and am taking the day off to try to recouperate. Things are so busy that I cannot really afford to take the day off and yet I don't want to expose my employees to fever, chills, and a nasty sore throat.

It snowed last night and it looks beautiful outside. Hopefully today I'll be able to get some good reading in while resting and, if all goes well, I should be having some books delivered today!!!

Chris said...

Get better soon! In the meantime, enjoy the snow and a book and just relax.