Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Geaux Tigers and stuff

So I'm trying to get in a quick blog post during half time of the sugar bowl...and yes, LSU is winning 21-14. I hope we can keep it up! Geaux Tigers!

Ok, that's enough of sports fan comes dork chris again..

I've decided to keep a list of books that I read this year in my blog just for fun. I think it'll be interesting to see at the end of the year what I've read...though this will probably amount to about 10 books looking at my schedule this semester. But the first book I read was Stephen King's Lisey's Story..I usually don't like Stephen King, but this was such an incredible book. Very different than anything else I have ever read by him. It's the Story of Lisey Landon, wife of the deceased author Scott Landon and is told by flashbacks (very intimate flashbacks) of their relationship and through the strange world of Booya Moon. It really is a great book.

Finally, Nicole told me about a cool website for others (like myself) trying to loose weight. It's called Spark People and is totally free. You enter your info and it gives you the target calories and fat grams among other things that you need to eat to achieve your weight loss goals. It also tells you how many calories worth of cardio you should be doing. Check it's free and has tons of tools to help you out.

Edit/Update: Tigers win 41-14!!! Problematic score for people with Dyslexia...woohoo!!!!

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