Saturday, January 20, 2007

Black and Gold Don't Fail Me Now

The city is alive with the electric buzz of a potential black and gold super bowl. You'd swear that we've already won the super bowl with the way this city has been acting. I thought the opening home game with Atlanta was big, but that was nothing compared to this.

The Saints have done such a great thing for this city. You really forget about everything going on here when they're playing, or when you're waiting for this first time NFC championship victory. Did you ever think you'd hear that the Saints are playing in the super bowl? I hope that at about 6:00 tomorrow night, I can say that. I had all but given up on the Saints. I didn't even watch the games anymore. But I knew at that Atlanta game that this would be a magical season. Win or lose tomorrow, hats off to the team. They've all been a class act and have given a city that is down in the dumps the booster shot that it needed....but of course, we'll win :D

And a little bit of good game related news. I will be allowed to take off tomorrow from 2-6 and come back after the game. So instead of yet another 13 hour shift, it's now only 9 hours.


Carl V. said...

Good for you! I am hoping for an exciting, nail-biter of a game with the Saints coming out the victors. You've got people pulling for your city all over!!!

Chris said...

Which is very strange but wonderful! A year ago, everyone laughed at the Saints because we were such a bad team. Now we're the new America's team! I'm hoping for a good game too. We'll see tonight!