Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bless you boys

So we don't go all the way. About 4 hours ago, I was very upset and wouldn't have written this post. But I have to give the guys credit. We played an amazing season. Those guys poured their hearts into every game they played and made every New Orleanian everywhere proud to say we are from this city. We had a really bad game (and some bad officiating) under really bad conditions, but that's just one game. That game did mean everything to an extent, but meant nothing at the same time. We know how good of a team this is and how proud they have made us this season. Would've been nice to go to the big game, but we'll survive, get back to rebuilding our city, and await a promising 2007 season.

Hey, at least Payton Manning will still be representing New Orleans in the Super Bowl. So not all is lost. Good luck Colts! Crush the Bears!

Literary rant to return tomorrow I'm sure ;)

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