Monday, June 9, 2014

What Made Me Happy Today...

Well this hasn't been so hard two days in! But of course, I didn't have work today too :p We'll see how this goes tomorrow! Here's what made me happy today:

  • I made my bed! And made a new blogging friend in the process. I got a google + notification that a blogger had found my post and she sent me a comment saying that she was going to do 100 happy days too! I went and read her blog of course and the first post she had up was titled "make your bed". It spoke volumes to me. I LOVE the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed at night, but the truth is, I only make my bed when I change my sheets. And it takes no time at all. So I'm going to start trying to make my bed every morning now. It's a great way to start your day off right...or MY day off right at least, which will lead to a great way to end my day :) 

  • I listened to more of Sarah Waters' The Night Watch on my way down to the south shore today and I'm REALLY loving this book more and more the more I get into it. And the narrator is really fantastic too!
  • Had a really good session with my client today. I really do love my private practice and I just dream of the day that I can just do that full time.
  • Stopped by my mom's for dinner after my clients and picked lots of beautiful strawberries! The bugs finally seem to be leaving them alone!! Thank god. 
  • I'm now at home being very grateful for Young Living! I signed up for Young Living essential oils through my friend Sharon a few months ago after hearing how they've helped her and I swear they've been life changing. They've helped my migraines, I sleep like a baby, they help anxiety, pain, and so much more. I even got rid of hiccups with them last night! I'm diffusing Stress Away with peppermint right now and it smells like heaven :) 

  • About to finish Orange is the New Black season 2 now (sad face for it almost being over!) and then write some letters to some friends :) I've been in a writing mood lately which is good for getting my blogging mojo back. What's your favorite place to find fun/pretty stationery and notecards? 
Hope everyone else has some happy making things going on in their lives as well! 


Vasilly said...

You're about to finish Orange is the New Black?! Tell me this: is the 2nd season as good as the first? So far, it seems that way to me.

Making the bed is one of the little things that make you feel like you've accomplished so much. ;-)

Debi said...

Well your 100 days has been off to a wonderful start, huh? :D I hope you can keep it up through the work week as well! I know there will be more aggravations, but hopefully that won't stop you from finding the good too! *huge happy hugs*

DesLily said...

when i wake in the morning I get up turn on the light and make my bed even before I get to the bathroom! lol I don't know why or how that habit happened but I can't remember NOT doing it that way! glad this makes you happy! *grin


Andi said...

Making the bed is one of those things I never did when I was single (even though I love getting into a crisply made bed). Now David does it every day and it makes me SO happy! He has no idea. I need to tell him. lol said...

It is so nice to "hear" your voice. I found some spectacular stationary on Bas Bleu.... I have a set of Edward Gorey notecards. I also like to pick up stationary when I visit museums.

Chris Howard said...

Vasilly, I think it was just as good as season 1! Very different from season 1 in my opinion, but that's expected...but yes, just as good. I'm very curious about season 3 now and where it goes!! Have to wait a year though :( At least there's Hemlock Grove season 2 coming up soon and House of Cards Season 3 at the beginning of next year!

Debs, It is off to a good start so far :) I'm just nervous that there will be days with NO GOOD STUFF but I'm sure I'll be able to find something good each least I hope so!

Mama, That's what I did this morning too! So it seems like it's becoming habit really quick :p I made the bed before I even went to the bathroom, lol.

Andi, You really should tell him how happy it makes you...I bet it'll make him happy too ;)

Amanda, Oooh.....thanks for telling me about Bas Bleu! Love their stuff :) I have some Edward Gorey notecards too...well, had...I only have two left,but I love those!