Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Have Been....6/13/14

Writing: Not much lately aside from case notes and assessments at work. That's been the story of the year. I'd love to say that this blog post is my grand return to blogging, but I won't. Though I hope it will be. More than anything this year I've wanted to get back to blogging but for the life of me I haven't been able to. I think it's because in my head it comes with having to catch up with tons of book reviews that I haven't written yet and I feel horribly guilty for falling out of touch with everyone too. But I think I need to just give myself permission to start from scratch with the book reviews (even though I REALLY should tell you about some of those books) and I also just need to take the same advice that I'd give other people. Your friends are your friends and they're not going anywhere. At least I hope not. I know blogging has always made me happy, I really need to just pick up where I left off and get back to it.

Reading: I've read SO MANY good books since the last time I've blogged. While I am going to start from scratch with reviews, I do have to say that everyone needs to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer! I think that's my new favorite book. I should've listened to Trish years ago! I read Eating Animals by him afterwards and that was amazing as well (though painful...painfully important). Right now I'm reading For Today I Am A Boy by Kim Fu for LGBT month (theme month with Debi!). Despite one scene that really bothered me even though I see why she included it, it's really good so far! I'm also listening to the audio of The Night Watch by Sarah Waters for LGBT month...this is my third Waters book and it's just as amazing as the first two I read! And finally, I started reading Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed last night, because I felt like I needed Cheryl Strayed in my life right now and she's working her magic perfectly.

Listening: So much good music right now that I'm a bit overwhelmed!! But there are three albums in particular that I have on heavy rotation. First is Tori Amos' new album, Unrepentant Geraldines. SO GOOD! And it makes me so freaking excited that I'm seeing her in Dallas at the end of July!! In ROW B!!! Yes, as in the second row from the stage. Next up is Owen Pallett's new album, In Conflict, which is so solid. I honestly don't think there's a single bad track on that album. I've been listening to it on repeat. Finally, Amanda Palmer has been talking about Philip Glass' album, Solo Piano a lot recently while writing her new book so I checked it out and damn, it's good. If you like classical/piano music at all, get it.

Watching: It's that time of the year where everything has ended and nothing new has started yet. Though I just binge watched all of Resurrection and while it has a few problems, it looks promising! Looking forward to the next season now. So You Think You Can Dance just started and I always love that show. Bummed that Cosmos is almost over, but I've been loving that. Also bummed that Believe isn't being renewed because I've really been loving that too :( I'm going to be starting Orphan Black soon and from what I've heard I'm in for a big treat!

Looking: For more balance in life. But slowly getting there and learning how that works. It just takes practice. Also a boyfriend. I'm looking for one of those. Oh, and good audiobook recommendations? Anyone have any of those? Like, what's the most amazing audiobook you've ever listened to?

Learning: See above...balance. Slowly getting there. It's just hard work. Sometimes life sort of hits you back to back to back with crap and that's what happened to me in the last 9 months or so. I'm not complaining here or looking for sympathy. But what I am doing is learning that it takes time to come back from that. I think part of what's had me in such a fog is this constant race to "get back to normal." Whatever "normal" is. But what I think I'm realizing is that you never get there if you rush through it. You'd think I'd know this as a counselor...I dole out this advice all day :p The best way around a problem is through it. Just not always the easiest.

Feeling: Content. And I'll take that :)

Anticipating: Autumn? :p I really don't like summer. Especially living in southern Louisiana. The heat gets to be so draining physically and mentally and it's already coming on. On a more positive note, TORI!! I have that to look forward to. AND I'm going to see Tori with Megan and I'll get to spend a few days with her too so I'm super looking forward to that :)

Wishing: That this rain that we've been having for the last three days would stay! I know I'm weird, but I LOVE thunderstorms so much. They always put me at peace. And my garden loves them too! Wishing my migraines would stay away. They've sucked lately, but I got in with my old neurologist today and there is hope on the horizon!

Loving: My family, my friends, books, nature, food, music, coffee, stamps, plants, baths, stray cats. Lots to love.


Maree said...

Chris <<<<3333 Orphan Black is so, so great, though I haven't started on S2 yet. Come and stay with me, it's winter here!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. :D

Snowball said...

It's good to see you back. Forget about catching up, it's nice to just "hear your voice."

Yes, Orphan Black is excellent!

I'm not a Summer person either, and we're facing drought here in CA. So I told my family I can no longer do dishes or laundry, the fruit trees need the water. I think that's reasonable, don't you?

"Normal" is a dirty word, promulgated by people who just want to keep us down. (Funny, no one's ever called me that.) Forget "normal" and just go for what makes you happy.

DesLily said...

I think we need to form a "summer club" in which we all bitch about the heat and humidity.! Naturally, I hate it too!

ahh I read Night Watch last year. I think I've read 3 of her books but Fingersmith was the best one!

I have missed seeing posts or even comments.. I totally get not doing them often but still miss it. it always lets me know you are ok.(even if you don't feel ok!)

I've been watching America's Got Talent and wow they sure have the best acts ever this year! and then I started to watch the new show after it called "Night Shift".. emergency hospital stuff and it's surprisingly very good.

I am reading a book about Judy Garland. I'm not sure I like the author very well. He seems to want to make Judy not sound so good. and maybe she wasn't but the tone is disturbing. I hope I manage to read the whole thing..

Debi said...

So love seeing this!!! I do hope it's the beginning of blogging more often for you...and that's not totally selfish, because I know how much you do enjoy it! :D

Anonymous said...

Another person coming to tell you to watch Orphan Black :D If you have Amazon Prime, it's free to watch there and give it like two episodes for it to start making sense (and whatever you do - avoid the pilots/intros because they give away the conceit of the show!).

Last but not least, I wrote a post with you in mind (http://moinsvolatile.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/mo/). Try this band! And lie to me completely if you end up hating them :P


Heather said...

Philip Glass is AMAZING. So glad you found him!

I've missed you! <3

Trish said...

Oh the heat. This week is killing me. I not ready for the summer and have already started counting down the days until Sept 1st.

Just do a brief synopsis of all the books. Don't stress. You're right--we're all friends. We don't care WHAT you post...just that you do now and then.

And ELIC!!! I'm dancing over here seeing that you loved it. It's so good isn't it? Now you must make Debi read it. :)

xo to you!

Kristen M. said...

Coming back to blogging is always hard. I'm trying to do it yet again right now too. I find it's best to not put pressure on myself to get back on a regular schedule. I am just posting when I have time and something to say. You'll find what works for you too!

I'm binge watching Veronica Mars for the first time. Nearing the end of season one and I can't believe I've never watched this show before.

And The Night Watch is my second favorite Sarah Waters after The Little Stranger. I hope you're loving it. I've been thinking about a re-read!

Beth F said...

I was so excited to get a copy of the new Sarah Waters at BEA. I am not a heat lover, so it's good thing I'm a Yankee.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I am here to encourage you to blog with 'no obligation'. :) Only think about what you love about it and let the fingers linger over the keyboard and see what comes out. Visit whoever pops into your head to visit and maybe check on those here who visit you (that's the way I do it, anymore, anyway). Also, consider it like breathing - you can only take one breath at a time. so take a deep breath and write a mini review for whatever book FEELS GOOD to share about and let the rest go until the next time.
Pls send me $2.09 if this was valuable advice to you (smirk just kidding!!)
hugs, Care
Now, go find some rhubarb strawberry pie!

Vasilly said...

Balance is always a good goal to try and reach. Just start from scratch when it comes to blogging. Take a deep breath and dive in. I had to do the same thing yesterday when I blogged for the first time in a while.

Aren't thunderstorms the best? They're kind of exciting and scary at the same time. Like you, I love autumn and winter. We don't have the kind of heat that you do in LA (thank God or else I would move). So I hope this summer will be an odd one for you with less humidity and filled with summer breezes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, good lord yes, I hear you on that whole first paragraph. Which is why I did something I swore I'd never do and just started over. So if I don't post that often I don't feel as guilty. Which is totally ridiculous, but somehow it works. Sort of. Also, very few people have found me, so it's very quiet, in a good way. NOT that I'm saying start a new blog. More like just keep moving forward. :-D

Bookfool said...

Chris posted! Chris posted!

I agree - forget the backlog, move on, enjoy spilling your soul when you feel like it. You can always write about one of those books you read months ago if you feel compelled to talk about it, later.

As to the balance thing . . . whew. So get you. I'm constantly trying to find balance. Not very good at managing my time and just figuring out how to enjoy what I do but I'll keep trying.

So glad you got in with your old neurologist!!! Wahoo for that!

Also, I'm with you on wishing for fall, already. Summer is such a miserable thing in the Deep South.

Quick good news to share: Our Vburg house is under contract. Husband and Kiddo are working on emptying out the garage. Once we accepted their offer, things started happening fast, fast, fast. Hoping all will go well with their loan. I'll keep you posted as things progress. I've got some cute new cards so I'll have to write you in a couple weeks when all the hubbub is over. <3