Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dewey's Readathon Update the Third!

Currently Reading: Carrie by Stephen King

Total pages read since last update: 68

Total pages read cumulative: 248

Total books read: 1 (Flora & Ulysses by Kate Dicamillo(

Time spent reading since last update: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

Total Time Spent Reading: 3 Hours 8 Minutes

Caffeinated drinks consumed: 1 large iced mocha

Food Eaten: 1 slice of lemon meringue pie and a bowl of doritos!

Money Going To NaNoWriMo's Young Writer's Program: $24.80

Progress Report: Well I'm approaching the halfway point of Stephen King's Carrie and I'm REALLY enjoying it!!! I don't know why I've never read this one up until now. What surprises me most about this one is that Carrie and her mom are both overweight women in the book and they've always been portrayed as very slim and stick-like in the movies....that's hollywood for you. Yet King still describes Carrie as having a beauty about her despite being overweight, having acne, etc. So thank you Mr. King for acknowledging that beauty is more than supermodel vanity :)

How's everyone hanging in there?? My one hour nap from 10-11 did wonders for me!! I'm thinking at some point I need to eat some real food :p And probably get out of the house too. I think I may go down to the lake front closer to sun down...maybe around 4:30 or so and stay there until the sun sets.

As for now, back to the horror novel!


Kristen M. said...

Ooh, I want some pie! And I'm glad you got a nap. I will be wanting one in a couple of hours. :)
I downloaded a last minute audiobook last night (Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree) in case I decide to take an afternoon walk. The rain is going to have to stop first though. :P But you should definitely head outside!

DesLily said...

sounds like a great day so far!!!

Debi said...

Goooooo Chris!!! Glad you're enjoying Carrie! Rich and I are enjoying Joyland, too. :) Soon will be reading a bit more of it, as it's almost time to go pick up Annie from work. Then *finally* I think we can relax and enjoy the rest of the day reading. Enjoy the lake--that sounds like the perfect thing to do! Just wish I could come with you! Keep on having fun, my dear friend!!!