Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dewey's Readathon Update the Second!

Currently Reading:Carrie by Stephen King

Total pages read since last update: 48

Total pages read cumulative: 180

Total books read: 1 (Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo)

Time spent reading since last update: 44 minutes

Total Time Spent Reading: 2 Hours

Caffeinated drinks consumed: 1 large iced mocha

Food Eaten: 1 slice of lemon meringue pie

Money Going To NaNoWriMo's Young Writer's Program: $18.00

Progress Report: Ready for this one?? I took a nap already :p The problem was I never woke up, lol. I'm sitting here reading Carrie at 10:15, just three hours in and my eyes are drooping. So I said, to hell with this, you need to sleep and be AWAKE for the I did :p And I feel much better now. Waking up to an alarm clock just does not get along with me, lol. So now I can PROPERLY power through the rest of the day. The other sad thing is that you now have proper proof of my immunity to coffee, lol. I literally drink it for the taste and the psychological addiction that I can't start my day without it :p Yep, a 20 oz iced coffee from a coffee shop and went to sleep in the middle of it. That's what you get when you work at a coffee shop for 8 years and drink one of those every day for 16 years :p

Heather is hosting one of my very favorite challenges :D The book spine poetry challenge :D Here's my measly entry:

Wait until twilight,
Dream boy,
At the mouth of the river of the bees.
If you follow me,
The October country,
The realm of possibilites.
Extremely loud and incredibly close.



Debi said...

Love your poem! Love you even more! :D Coffee has never kept me up me it's just a soothing, comforting thing. Just don't feel "right" without it.

Keep on having fun, my dear!!! Be back to check up you soon.

Megan said...

Caffeine has never really done it for me, either. A good nap, though? That allllways does the trick! Glad your nap was rejuvenating - keep up the great reading! =D

Eva said...

Your spine poem is wonderful Chris!!! And sounds like your nap was the perfect plan. Enjoy the readathon: I can't do it because of family in town & my sister's bridal shower tomorrow but I remember the early ones and how magical they were. :D

*~* Kim *~* said...

Love the spine poem --it is my favorite mini-challenge and I had fun doing mine again today. I drink coffee for the same reasons-caffeine does not affect me but I feel I need it to get moving in the morning.
I hope the next couple of hours brings some dedicated reading time and joy--