Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life In Bullet Points

  • Bullet points usually imply brevity, but don't let this fool you....this is sure to be a tl;dr post, so really....feel free to skip this post entirely. This is purely a case of I haven't blogged in two weeks and feel like just talking about random shit and don't keep a person journal like I should so I'm going to spew all of my crap out from my head into a public forum which is likely to be boring and probably whiny and full of run on sentences like this one. I warned you...
  • A cat seems to have taken over my life. To those who follow me on instagram and/or tumblr, this is no new news. Her name is Charli. I'm allergic to her as I am all cats, but her cuteness wins over my allergies apparently so I've become a big fan of benadryl and flonase and I seem to be slowly becoming less allergic to her. She's a stray who was terrified of all humans for awhile until one day she let me pet her and now she comes into the apartment and hangs out for awhile until she wants to go back outside again. I've bought her toys, she has her own litter box here now. And she's going to have kitties any day now pregnant. I think she's still pretty much a kitty herself. Pretty positive this will be her first litter. I wanted to go get her spayed and possibly have the pregnancy terminated but it's too far along now, so I'm going to get her spayed after she has these kitties and weans them and who knows, she may just become a permanent kitty after that...who would've ever thought that *I* would have a cat! But seriously...look at her: *melts*
  • Work has been a freaking disaster lately. It's a huge part of why I haven't been blogging or commenting on anyone else's blogs. I literally have no time. I feel like a robot sometimes who wakes up, works, comes home and watches two hours of tv and if I try to read a book I just fall asleep and then do it all over again the next day. Thankfully I have Sundays and Mondays off though which are my days to recuperate. I LOVE my private practice and that's actually starting to pick up more and more! My goal is to eventually switch more to that and do less of my job at the hospital...but I'm in that awkward stage right now of working about 55 hours a week because I need to have a reliable client base before I can go down part time at my full time job. Still not quite there though it's really good right now! But I could lose four or five clients at any time and be screwed. 
  • The big problem with work is the fact that our governor just continues to shut down mental health services in Lousiana...something I've bitched about on this blog before. But it's really starting to effect people in a bad way now. We're feeling the effects of it big time now. We're one of the very few hospitals left down here since we're a private hospital. The governor can't close us. But we only have a very limited amount of beds for a very LARGE population of people with emergency mental health and substance abuse needs and it's overwhelming for both the patients and for us, the staff at times. Well, let's be honest, all the time. Patient's are starting to get really upset and angry and I can't blame them at all. I wish I could do more :( 
  • I bought a new car!!! Let's throw some positive in there :p It's GORGEOUS and it's WONDERFUL and I love it :D My old Honda Civic was a 2005 with 118,000 miles on it and was still treating me pretty fine but I was starting to have to throw money at it every month. Nothing major, but little things that were starting to add up. And I knew if I waited much longer I would get nothing for a trade in. I stuck with Honda because my Civic treated me so good! I never really had a problem with it! This time I got a Honda Civic Hybrid!!! It gets FORTY FOUR miles to the gallon guys!!!! And it's the only hybrid that you don't have to charge...the electric battery actually charges on kinetic energy. I'm very much in love with it :D 
  • My reading has been non-existent lately :/ I've been reading a little of this and a little of that, but haven't finished a single book yet this month. Hopefully I finish at least ONE this month! If not, well there's Dewey's Readathon next month :D
  • Dewey's Readathon next month!!!! That deserves a bullet point of it's own! And guess what I did? I requested off the WHOLE WEEK of the readathon this time because dammit I deserve it :p I may just have a readaweek :p If you haven't signed up yet GO SIGN UP because it is always SO MUCH FUN  and it's in memory of our dear and beloved Dewey :) I really can't wait!!! And the week before the readathon, I'll be seeing Sigur Ros!!!! Here in New Orleans!!! I can't tell you how freaking excited I am about that!! I didn't think I'd ever get to see them. Like never in my life! 
  • I met Darren! Darren from Bart's Bookshelf! I've known Darren for quite awhile now and he's always been one of my favorite bloggers so when I heard he was coming to the states and was going to be in New Orleans, it was a no brainer that I had to meet up with him :) I only got to spend one afternoon with him, but I had a blast! We went to eat at my favorite restaurant, Angeli, walked around the French Quarter where I introduced him to Bourbon Street, and then we went book shopping (of course) at Barnes and Noble. Great time :)
  • I opened up an Etsy store! And people actually bought things which I totally didn't expect :p Since joining postcrossing I've discovered a love of postcards and wanted some unique ones, so I turned some of my own photos and collages into postcards and figured I'd stick some of them up on Etsy and people actually paid money for them! Holy crap! I even got a letter the other day from a lady who bought some cards telling me how much she loved them and how much she loved the way I packaged them :) It was so so sweet! Made my day :)
  • You're still reading this? I told you this was long :p Tomorrow the plan is just to take it easy, enjoy the day at my mom's house with the family, grilling some steaks and watching the Saints game! Hooray :D 
  • Enjoy your Sunday everyone and hopefully I'll be back before two weeks AND I'll hopefully be visiting some blogs again sometimes soon. Like tomorrow hopefully. I miss everyone so much!!!! Sorry I haven't been around much.


DesLily said...

I can tell Charli is spoilt! Just seeing the places she is when you take her photo! (careful she doesn't get on the stove when a burner is still hot)!!

I love your new car! Or rather, I love the Mileage! (I will always like the looks of OLD cars instead of new ones.. I miss my 1955 Ford Victoria!)

I am sorry you have to work so many hours! That can't help your migraines any. I will never know how you manage to do it all!


Beth F said...

Love Charli! So glad you're adjusting to each other.

So fun that you got to meet Darren in person!

Awesome on the car. I had a civic for 17 years and I loved that car.

tohko said...

WOOOOOW!!! How beautiful your Charil is!!!
That's so great you are having amazingly great companion! I know you are melting:)

Also the car is neat! Thanks for loving Japanese car:) Please give huge hugs for your new HONDA and Charil from me!

Jeane said...

Ooooh, a kitty! And she looks like mine. I always think black cats look so sophisticated and svelte. Hope you guys get along great (looks like you will). And yay for a new car! Hondas and Toyotas are my favorite cars, they're just so dependable. I want to have a hybrid one day.

Trish said...

I love Charli!!! I miss having a cat but I don't miss the cat hair (or the cat pee which I can still smell in certain rooms from when Maggie was sick). And I do think allergies can get better. Scott is allergic but never had any issues with Maggie.

Congrats on the new car and the etsy shop! And I haven't finished a book either. Sometimes TV just works better for the braindead. ;)


Snowball said...

What a little charmer, your Charli.

Try to get enough sleep, and eat right. (as right as possible, anyway) I know it's easier said than done, but take care.

The new car is beautiful! Congrats. I've always been afraid of getting a new one. I'd be responsible for the first bumps, scratches, & dings - or worse.

Snowball said...

Oh, did you stop by on the tenth? I had a surprise for you.

Andi said...

Look at you with a cat! And an Etsy store!!! I love both. I also love your car. I considered a Civic Hybride when I bought my Prius, and the Prius won out for space. But I did love that Civic.

Darren @ Bart's Bookshelf said...

It was great to meat you as well. NOLA is definitely a memorable place. Was sad to leave it.

Hope you enjoy the 306 books you bought! ;-)

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Lord, the mental health services in Louisiana, they do not stop breaking my heart. I do not know how the politicians who make these decisions justify this bullshit to themselves.

UGH. At least football is back. Seeing Jimmy Graham catch a pass makes me happy in my heart. (Also making me happy: the success of LSU men on pro ball teams, specifically, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu lighting up every offense that comes near them; and Trindon Holliday running punts in for touchdowns like he's the man who invented the concept of running.)

Bookfool said...

Your little Charli is beautiful! I'm excited that you're handling having a kitty around. You know how much joy I get from my kitties. I'm a little allergic, too. Eldest son is *very* allergic and so is his wife but they survived the two. Don't know how they'll do around little River.

So cool that you got to meet Darren! It's ridiculous that we haven't met in person, yet.

September started out a crappy reading month for me, too, but I'm catching up with myself -- or was, till I started The Lowland. It's a slow-paced book and will probably take me a few more days to finish.

Love your car! Hondas are wonderful. If I could replace my husband's Toyota with one, I would. His car is getting pretty high-mileage (also a 2005). It's reaching that "old enough you have to throw money at it constantly" stage. Know what you mean.

Sometime, I need to ask you some questions about that Etsy store. When you have more time, obviously. :)

Carole McDonnell said...

kitty looks soooo cute. I hope she doesn't have feral kittens. Best to make sure she really is a stray then keep her close as the days appear and talk to those kitties lovingly as soon as they're born. Dont allow mom to hide them or (if they're feral) it'll be hard to befriend them. -->speaking from experience.

Cuomo is doing the same thing up here in NY. Soo annoying.

Off to see your Etsy store.

Susan said...

I love your black cat - sometimes cats find people who need them. I had a friend who got her cats by having them turn up at her door. every time!! So even though you are allergic, I hope you and her have lots of good times to come. Plus kittens! Lordy! lol

New car...congrats. I know, new to you, but just the same!

Here's hoping your private practice can take off fast and you can quit having to work so many hours. That's hard to do. Take care of yourself, with your migraines.

So glad you got to meet Bart!! He says you bought lots of books in his comments, by the way..... :-)

Ella Chartrand said...

hope your having a fun time reading and are still awake for the 24 hours. If you are don't stop and keep going your doing great and are on your way to having the best time of your life! keep those eyes open and good luck!

cheering you from team lion.