Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Have Been...9/1/13

Writing: Not too much! Aside from the normal assessments at work and case notes in my private practice. I'd LOVE to be writing more book reviews or comments on people's blogs but that just hasn't been happening lately :/ BUT September is here which means Fall weather is just around the corner which is when I normally get reenergized. So hopefully I'll be around more.

Reading: Too many things as usual. Four books right now. I'm currently in the middle of Bellman & Black, Diane Setterfield's new novel and LOVING it, also in the middle of Aimee Bender's new short story collection, The Color Master and I'm really loving that too!!! Then I have two books that I've just started but they're both fantastic too. The First is Not Your Mother's Meatloaf which is a sex ed book for teens told through a graphic novel medium that addresses sexual education topics as they should PROPERLY be addressed. Not just "a man and a woman rub up against each other and a baby is born." It goes into everything you need to know about sexuality and all the different aspects of discovering one's own sexuality, including the non-heteronormative. I've also started reading Orange is the New Black on my Nook because I was having withdrawals from the Netflix series :p

Listening: All kinds of stuff as usual. There's never anything in particular that I'm listening to. Though I've created a Pandora station that I'm really enjoying. I made a Chvrches station and then added "substations" to it of Alunageorge, Grimes and Purity Ring so I'm discovering all kinds of awesome new artists with that! And there are SO many awesome new albums coming out soon! I've also just recently discovered My Brightest Diamond and I can't believe I'm just discovering her....amazingly beautiful music.

Watching:Way too much. Let's normal TV schedule is Under the Dome which only has three episodes left, So You Think You Can Dance which is almost over and Project Runway which I'm really enjoying this season. My current show on Netflix that I've started is Revenge and the jury's still out on it so far. I don't hate it but I'm not 100% in love with it yet. I mainly started watching it because it stars Rebecca from Brothers and Sisters :p Which is one of my all time favorite shows. And then today I saw that they added season 9 of Gray's Anatomy which yes, I know it's a bit of a ridiculous show, but I'm a sucker for it so I'll be binging on that on netflix I'm sure.

Looking: Right now, just for some peace of mind. And I'm finding it too! Things are starting to feel like they're going in the right direction again in so many ways. I feel like I'd like to start looking for a possible relationship again too or at least get back into the dating scene but I don't even know how the hell to do that. And I know that the best relationships come when you're not even expecting them too. I'd like to get healthier as all around healthier. I bought a nutribullet and I LOVE that thing. I never thought I could DRINK SPINACH AND KALE but it's seriously good mixed with fruit and flax seed too. I've always been horrible about eating fruits and veggies and now I'm finally getting my daily fruit and veggie servings!

Learning: So much every day from so many different places and people. I know I'm horrible lately about reading blogs, commenting and responding to my OWN comments, but I want to thank you all for the comments the other day on my post about the change in blogging. The comments all helped me sort out what's sort of been going on with me and with the community. I think Trish hit the nail on the head when she said that over these seven years (for me at least) It's natural that many of us have moved more to our blogs being more of a personal space that's more intimate which does indeed cause a big shift in what book blogging used to be. I know for me, I wouldn't even call my blog a "book blog"'s a blog and I like to talk about books on it. But mainly it's a place where I like to record my thoughts and I'm lucky enough to talk with some of the best people I've come to have known :)

Feeling: Like things are going in a really good direction for me right now. Like I'm finally pulling out of this summer funk that I fall into every damn year and just being happy for that! 

Anticipating:The months ahead! We're headed into my favorite months of the year :D :D :D I LOVE the last quarter of the year. October is pretty much my favorite month. The weather will be gorgeous soon, Christmas is not too far off (though that stresses me out too :p). I'm also looking forward to creating things! I opened up an etsy shop to sell postcards and I put a print up in there too of an old collage I did as well and it has me wanting to get back to making collages...I used to love doing that. So I'm anticipating getting my creative juices flowing as well :)

Wishing: That I could have paid leave from work for the rest of the year and unlimited time to visit all of my friends :p

Loving: My family. My friends. All of you. This community. My books. My music. Coffee. A/C. My plants. AND MY NEW CAR!!!!! I have a brand new 2013 Civic Hybrid and it's so amazing. I swear I just want to spend all of my time in my car lately and never get out. And the money I'm saving on gas now is just unbelievable.


Beth F said...

What a great post! But I sure hope you're not leaving blogging. So many people seem to have dropped out lately and are no longer reading and commenting. I'm beginning to feel like one of the last men standing.

I love fall too and can't wait for the weather to break.

Carole McDonnell said...

:-) Good weather is always good. Fall, such a great time.

Snowball said...

It's so nice to hear that things are picking up for you. And congrats on the new car!

It seems like every one else is looking forward to fall after struggling all summer. Fall is my down time. I struggle every year and feel it coming on already. Odd man out again.

I'm heading on over to your shop to see about a few gifts.

Bookfool said...

It's interesting that you brought up the concept of how many bloggers have gone from book blogging to more of a personal space. I've done exactly the opposite. My personal life is dull as paste, now that the kids are both living elsewhere and I don't have those fun anecdotes about family life to share. So it's cats and books, books and cats. LOL I'm not sure I'll last much longer.

DesLily said...

I am glad things are looking better and know much of it is due to the summer being over! I wish South Floridas was shorter! Happy about your new car..!!

my blog is more books than personal but I don't hold it to that.. it's just that I do nothing and go nowhere so personal things for someone of my age winds up being all depression and health issues ..I already have next to no readers so I try not to do personal so much LOL..but even with "no readers" I'd keep my blog! I still like it 100 percent more than FB or Twitter!

Debi said...

Comment eaten, so let's try this again:

Good riddance to summer funk!!! This post just made me so happy...heck, YOU just make me so happy!!!!!!!

Trish said...

Like Candace I sometimes feel like so many of the good old bloggers have disappeared. And the new crop of bloggers just seem so different. Anyway. I love the positive vibes in the post Chris! I do hope that this fall is a great season for you. xo