Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well Hi There Blog!

I see that it's been almost two weeks now since I've posted. Didn't mean to do that! Life, life, life. It changes and you have to adjust or you get stuck and that's where I've been. Trying to make adjustments. And in the meantime haven't done much that is blogworthy. Still haven't really, but I figured I'd come say hello because I've been missing everyone! I haven't even read anything this month. Well that's not entirely true, I should say I haven't FINISHED anything. Except for The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume Two which was just as excellent as the first :) But it took me all of under an hour to read that one and that was with studying the beautiful art that accompanies the short stories.

Aside from that, I'm still reading and absolutely LOVING Tell the Wolves I'm Home. Also reading the giant Bradbury short story collection, though honestly I haven't picked that up in awhile. I'm reading a really awesome graphic novel anthology of short takes on classic fairy tales called Once Upon a Time Machine. And then there's S.G. Browne's I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus. Now if only I could finish one of these.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was nice and fairly quiet. I actually got the holiday off of work this year so I went with my mom and sister to my Gram's house and spent the day with the family. Sadly, I don't think I had seen them since LAST Thanksgiving! So it was good to see everyone. Came home with the migraine from hell as I do every Thanksgiving and Christmas...I don't know what the hell it is that I eat exactly on those two holidays, but it always does me in...I'd say it's turkey but we didn't even HAVE turkey this year...I know...weird.

Today was my sister's birthday so I joined her and my mom at the casino for a little while and lost more money than I should have. Thankfully it wasn't my money as I had none to begin with :p So really my mom lost more money than she should have. And after that I came home an Christmased up the apartment!!! I was super excited about doing this. This is the first time I've had a place of my own to decorate for Christmas.

Step one of course was pulling up the iTunes Christmas playlist which mainly consists of Christmas songs by Sufjan Stevens, Tori Amos, Emmy the Great, The Charlie Brown Christmas Album, The Vienna Boys Choir and the Home Alone Soundtrack...though there are a few other random songs thrown in there. Then I plugged away at decorating the place! I got a live wreath and some poinsettias from home depot, so those got placed where they belong, and then it was time to put the tree up :)

I found an artificial tree at kmart last night for $20 and I'm all about living on a budget right now, so that's what the tree is. I decorated it with these really pretty red, gold and green bulbs and some glitter frosted pine cones! I had one extra strand of lights, so the orange tree and dracaenea got decorated too :p We're supposed to actually have a freeze tomorrow night so the orange tree came inside for the winter. I just have to remember to actually open the blinds to give it some light!!

When Matt gets back from visiting his family, I'm sure we'll get a few more things for the apartment, but for right now, I'm enjoying the ambiance around me :) There's something about Christmas that always just relaxes me and makes me content.

How has everyone else's holidays been? I've missed everyone!! I'm going to go see how scary google reader is now :/ I'll try to make it through as much as I can, but I'm afraid I'll inevitably hit the mark all as read button eventually. Let me know if I missed anything unmissable over the last couple of weeks!


DesLily said...

you have really Christmased up your looks great!

(fantastic buy on the tree !!)

Sorry you came home with a migraine from Thanksgiving I hope you're all better now. hugs**

Amanda said...

Your tree is so much prettier than ours! :D Ours has the detritus of years of ornaments, some of which go back to Jason's and my childhood! :D

And yay for the Vienna Boys Choir!!!

Kailana said...

It's so pretty, Chris! So, I am probably going to want Once Upon a Time Machine and Tell the Wolves I'm Home, right?

Snowball said...

Your place looks beautiful.

I have a small collection of ceramic Christmas trees with little colored plastic 'lights' that my mom collected. You know, the ones with the light bulb inside. They take the place of a big tree for us. But I haven't even begun to decorate.

Daphne said...

Looks beautiful! I got a sparkly white xmas tree for $40 and was mighty pleased with myself...

Vasilly said...

We've missed you too, Chris! I love the look of your tree. The colors are perfect.

Chris, can I have you address to send you a holiday card? Just email me. ;-)

Carl V. said...

I know what you mean, the lights of Christmas time, the music, the smells...they all relax me and give me such a feeling of warm contentedness.

Susan said...

Oh, I love your tree! and the pointsettas, the fireplace, the wreath, it looks all so Christmasy and classy. Lovely, Chris. Thanks for sharing the photos with us :-)

You are far ahead of me, we still have to put the tree up, and last year the cats climbed into it and wrecked the branches, so we've been deciding if we want to go through it again. Every morning we had to put the branches back into the tree. And yet, that is going to make more precious family memories for later years. So I think we'll put it up again. It's just not Christmas without a tree, for me, anyway.

It's so much fun decorating your own place, isn't it? I'm so happy for you (and Matt), Chris!