Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bad Bloggers and Thoughts on a Sunday

I am getting old y'all. My back is killing me from spending like two hours in the kitchen. And the last two nights I had bad back pain from stressful nights at work. I know I tend to hold all of my stress in my upper back. I always have. I get this awful stress knot right between my shoulders, but this is ridiculous. I just made some scones from a delicious recipe that Debi gave me awhile back and made some laundry detergent and then basically said "fuck the other chores, I'm going to lay on the couch and blog". And that brings me to where I am now :p

Today was a nice laid back Sunday though. No big plans today, didn't do much at all. Woke up, got some coffee, read the Sunday paper and watched the Saints kick the Falcons ass, went and bought some lamps for my bedroom that I'm so in love with from World Market, had dinner/lunch at a local grill, then came home and baked and made detergent. Tomorrow should be fairly laid back too I hope. Just have to see two clients and I'll just see how things go aside from that.

As for books, I've been pretty good this week. Only five books came in this week :p And I can dole out blame for two of them. So technically I'm only responsible for three of these books and I only paid for two of those three. Like how my logic works? :p NOW you see why I do this bad bloggers thing :p

1. The Unwritten Volume 6 by Mike Carey - The thing I love about graphic novel series is that I get to keep blaming the person who originally got me into the series everytime a new volume comes out :p Because I wouldn't be BUYING the new volume if the person hadn't MADE me by the first volume and got me hooked! And it's Ana that got me hooked on the Unwritten and let me tell you it's a damn good series. I'm a little behind though :/ I think I'm on Volume 4 still...keep preordering them though! Point to Ana! (Bought it)

2. Once Upon a Time Machine by Various - How have I not heard of this before???? I was just browsing at Barnes and Noble the other night and stumbled upon this. It's a graphic novel anthology of various comic book artists and writers each telling their own takes on classic fairy tales in graphic form. I don't know why I haven't started this one yet but I have it sitting here on my immediate TBR just waiting to be read! (Bought it)

3. Sweet Tooth Volume 5 by Jeff Lemire - To show you how much I love this series, I actually ordered it twice :p So I asked Debi, who originally got me into the series, if she had gotten a copy yet and luckily she hadn't, so she'll be getting my extra copy. She'll also be getting the blame for this one because I wouldn't have heard of this series had it not been for her ;) Point to Debs! (Bought it)

4. I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus by S.G. Browne - I cannot tell you how much I almost squealed when I saw this book at Barnes and Noble!! I had no clue that this was a thing! One of my favorite books since I've been blogging has been S.G. Browne's Breathers. I'm actually not even a fan of zombies. They really don't do anything for me. But S.G. Browne's Breathers was just an AMAZING book and a take on zombies I had never seen before. So this is a CHRISTMAS book set in the Breathers world!!! It's like two of my favorite things combined guys! I really do love Christmas books if they're the right kind of story and um...they can't get any better than something like this for me. (Bought it)

5. Tilly Witch by Don Freeman - Ok, can I admit that I'm a total sucker for a good picture book every now and then? I was doing a search for vintage penguins on Paperback Swap one day and this little book popped up! Not a Penguin that I would collect but it was a picture book that they published in the 70s and sounded like it was just the perfect kind of story for now it's mine :) (Paperback Swap)

What's your favorite book that arrived this week??


Debi said...

WOW...what an awesome sounding group of books! I laughed right out loud when I saw I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus. Probably laughed *too* much, but it just struck my funny bone. I've never heard of Once Upon a Time Machine either, but now I'm totally craving! Hope it's as good as it sounds!

Kailana said...

I have The Unwritten, too. :) I will be caught up when I sit down with it, so stalling a bit. And, yep, I need Once Upon a Time Machine. Go read it so you can tell me if I need to buy it. :)

That's quite the cover for the newest Sweet Tooth! I have to get back to that series. I only read it from the library and I haven't been going to the library... I am thinking I might have to buy...

Vasilly said...

Wait a minute. You make your own laundry detergent?? I want to know more about that. Of course, now I want to read Tilly Witch. I hope the back pain goes away.

Beth F said...

How can we be up to Unwritten #6? I haven't even read #2 yet. I'm always so far behind.

Susan said...

I haven't read any of those series! Suddenly I feel behind the times again, just when I was realizing graphic novels are good to read....I love the title I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus, too!!!

I hope you feel better soon, Chris,all that stress in your back isn't good. Enjoy reading your books, and maybe couch days will help you heal! they do me, too :-)

Bellezza said...

Totally off subject: I've rented Tell The Wolves I'm Home (as you mentioned how much you love it in a comment Chez Bellezza) and while I'm entranced by the story and the writing, the narrator's voice on the audio I'm listening to is awful. It is one long adolescent whine, or else she's speaking with a sugary fake smile, and I almost can't stand it. I think I'll have to get the print edition to fully appreciate this work.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. Say bye-bye to the backache. :)

Bookfool said...

You are soooo not old!!! Sorry about the back pain. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and have recovered, by now. I haven't been blogging much and I see you haven't, either. Miss you!!!