Saturday, October 13, 2012

Readathon Update Number 1!

Currently Reading: Death: The Deluxe Edition by Neil Gaiman

Total pages read since last update: 93

Total pages read cumulative: 93

Total books read: None finished yet!

Time spent reading since last update: Exactly 1 hour!

Total Time Spent Reading: 1 hour

Caffeinated drinks consumed: Still working on my iced mocha

Food Eaten: An absolutely delicious cranberry orange muffin :)

Money going to Arbor Day Foundation (at 10 cents per page): $9.30

Progress Report: I am so so so glad that I started with Death: The Deluxe Edition for the readathon!! It's absolutely PERFECT for the first book. I haven't visited the world of Gaiman's Sandman in far too long and the tales that involved Death have always been my favorite. She's just one of the most amazing characters ever created and there are scenes in this book that are so touching that I've gotten choked up already several times this morning. The book also starts with one of the most amazing introductions I've ever read and it's by Tori Amos :) I mean, could I ASK for a better book???

I am just loving the vibe of today so far. Yes I know we're only almost two hours into this readathon, but I feel really good about today and I just want to tell all of you fellow book blogger friends how much I appreciate you all and value your friendship and how much it means to me that we can all just spend a day together reading :) It's like a big, global, reading, nerdfest. Yep....Dewey would be proud :p

Ok..back to reading!


Debi said...

Damn, you're kicking butt already!!!! Hooray for you! And hooray for The Arbor Day Foundation! And hooray for Dewey! Love you!!!

Vasilly said...

I appreciate you too, Chris! While you were over there eating a cranberry orange muffin, I had a chocolate chip one. ;-) Happy reading!

Amanda said...

It's been a great readathon so far! Happy reading Chris!