Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RIP is here! Brought to you by 4G

Hello my fellow blogging friends! I'm currently in the middle of a hurricane with no Internet but that will NOT stop me from being ridiculously excited by the fact that Carl has announce RIP VII! SEVEN! Can't believe that this is the seventh, and my sixth, RIP. Carl told me about this announcement just as I was listening to wind howl and wrap itself around my house as I was reading Shadow Show, a new collection of short stories inspired by Ray Bradbury which would be just perfect for anyone to read for this challenge. I shall be imbibing in Peril the first and the short story peril and I'm sure I'll be doing peril on the screen as well. Hope you'll be joining in! I'll be posting more about RIP soon including potential reads and some posts about my progress with the readalong of Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger. But for now I'm wrapping this up as I'm typing on my iPhone and it's very tedious. Please excuse any horrible autocorrects in this post. And now back to the hurricane.


Carl V. said...

As I said on my site, you are certainly having a dramatic start to RIP. I wish you and yours safety and protection during the storm and look forward to hearing that you weathered it well.

DesLily said...

ah yes we are always happy for RIP! it's surprising to me that I've read both of the read a long books! There was a time,not that long ago, that I'd not have read either of those books!! Tell Matt to start a blog just for RIP and join!

I hope all is ok with you two and mom from the hurricane.. when it ever leaves!

Amanda said...

I'm definitely participating too, even if I'm not talking about it on the new blog. :)

Susan said...

Be safe, Chris, you and Matt, and your family! I've been watching it on tv today (I'm still on holiday) and hope you and all you love are safe and sound.

I'm excited about RIP 7 too! I have a pile of books I am sorting through for it, and thinking about the read-along also for The Little Stranger. I'll post tomorrow or the next day.....for now, hugs and thinking of you.

Debi said...

I didn't realize you were doing the Little Stranger read-along. I was actually going to read that for RIP, but because of the read-along, I think I'll save it for another year. (Only because I SUCK so bad at read-alongs, and I don't want any feeling of obligation to taint my RIP reading.) Can't wait to see your pool!!! :D

And Chris, darling, you are one dedicated RIP-fan to be posting this in the midst of a hurricane. :P

Btw, LOVE Pat's idea--you really do need to convince Matt to start a blog and join in! :D

Daphne said...

Stay safe, Chris!!!

estellasociety said...

I can't believe this is the seventh either! I've done it every year; it's always the highlight of fall for me now.

While I'm not happy about the circumstances of the start of your RIP, the ambiance, coupled with what you're reading, does make it sound spooky! I put Shadow Show to the side for a bit. I figured I shouldn't read anything inspired by Ray Bradbury until I've actually READ some Ray Bradbury. Going to try Something Wicked This Way Comes again this year.

SO glad you're safe!!!