Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bad Bloggers, the Pre-Hurricane Edition

I've been a fairly good boy this week, only bringing six books into the house! Aside from some Penguins that is...And the good news is, I can give blame for a good amount of these books! Before I get to that though, just wanted to tell everyone that if I disappear for a few days, worry not, it's because Hurricane Isaac, currently a tropical storm, has blown out my power and internet access. I promise you all we'll be safe. Me and Matt are living on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain now which is actually above sea level unlike New Orleans and it fared well considering after Katrina. The uncanny thing about Hurricane Isaac is that it's currently scheduled to make landfall on the same day Katrina did, 7 years later and is taking close to the same path Katrina did. So I'm guessing I'll be getting a lot of reading done over the next few days! And here's some of what I might be reading:

1. Before the Rain by Luisita Lopez Torregrosa - Looking forward to reading this one! I got this one for a book tour and it sounds really good. It's a memoir of a woman who finds love with another woman in the Philippines.  (Review Copy)

2. The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono Komachi and Izumi Shikibu by Jane Hirshfield - I was SO excited to get this one. I've been wanting it ever since reading Kij Johnson's The Fox Woman. She lists it as a book that inspired her and I've been wanting it ever since. Now thanks to Paperback Swap I have it...and owe a point to Kij Johnson for it :) (Paperback Swap(

3. Sister by Rosamund Lupton - Not too long ago, Pat reviewed this one and described it as a book that she couldn't put down. So it went right onto my wishlist. Then I went to Target and there it was on the shelf on sale! Couldn't resist buying it and I shall indeed be reading this one soon for RIP! Point to Pat! (Bought it)

4. Willful Impropriety edited by Ekaterina Sedia - This is a collection of period piece stories with a twist edited by Ekaterina Sedia. Enough said...had to order this one! (Bought it)

5. Penguin by Design by Phil Baines - SO excited by this one and it's just such a neat sounding book! It takes a look at the history of Penguin's covers since 1935 and how they were influenced and how they've evolved. Really cannot wait to read this one and I wouldn't have even known it existed had it not been for Memory, so a point to her! (Bought it)

6. The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans by Rick Geary - This is another one that I'm super excited about! Debi sent me this one after she reviewed it. It's a graphic novel about a serial killer in New Orleans that I had never even heard of! And even though Debi gave me her copy, she's still gonna have to suck up the blame for this one too :p Point for Debi! (Gift from a friend)


Amy said...

I'm glad you'll be safe! These books look fantastic!

Amanda said...

I can tell summer's ending because of the amount of books you're getting. :D

Glad to hear you'll be safe Chris!

DesLily said...

I am glad you are in higher ground I hope your mom is too!!

sure sure blame mama for yet another book LOL..

I hope you and matt and your family get thru Isaac safe and sound!!

Chris said...

Amy, excited about these books! And yes, I'll be safe :)

Amanda, Yep, starting to get out of the funk :p More books shall be coming in! LOL

Mama, Me and mom will be safe, and hey, I can only blame you because you make the books sound so good :p Hope you're staying safe and dry over there too!

Jenny said...

Be safe on Lake Ponchartrain! I extravagantly dislike all these comparisons of Isaac to Katrina. It is stressing me out even though I know nothing terrible can happen because my parents have placed a moratorium on hurricanes. :p

Care said...

BE SAFE! Will be thinking positive thoughts that your area doesn't get hit too hard by Isaac .

Becky said...

I'm glad you'll be safe! Hopefully you can enjoy some great reading though, right? We used to have snow days (which are in no way as destructive or to be feared as a hurricane) and I would stack up the novels and read the day(s) away.

I have to say that Before the Rain & Willful Impropriety sound and look really good. On my list they go... :)

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