Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Return of Bad Bloggers!

I felt like blogging tonight and I had no clue what to blog about. I started thinking that I missed telling everyone about the books that have walked into my house lately. I missed bad bloggers. I missed assigning blame to my friends and eventually giving out books to people. So here I am, bringing back Bad Bloggers and inviting you all to play along if you want! The old blog with the old rules will be disappearing for good shortly, so I thought I should begin by mentioning what bad bloggers is all about again for anyone who's not familiar.

Bad Bloggers is an opportunity for you to BLAME EVERYONE ELSE for that ridiculous amount of books that have invaded your home and the back pain that you've bestowed onto your poor post office worker. Of course, it's not you who has a problem, it's all of these other people who just won't stop making books sound SO DAMN IRRESISTIBLE!!  So if you'd like to play along, let's blame other people for this ridiculous amount of books that've walked into our homes lately. I like to give away a book every six months to the baddest blogger so that I can bestow upon them the burden of another book the same way they have bestowed that horrible burden upon me.

So without further ado, here are the last ten books that have walked into my house. Because if I posted ALL of the books since the last bad bloggers post, it would be ridiculous. I'm going to let this round go til the end of the year, and I'll add the Bad Bloggers tally onto the sidebar again so that you can see how bad of a blogger you've been...alrighty, let's go:

1. Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson - Ultimately Neil Gaiman gets a point for this one because he wrote a blurb for it and whenever he writes a blurb for a book, I end up buying it somewhere down the line it seems. It being described as a multicultural Harry Potter didn't hurt either though! Speaking of Neil Gaiman recommendations, I'm listening to Jonathan Carroll's The Land of Laughs which is part of Neil Gaiman's Audible line and it's AMAZING!! I'm almost done and should have a review soon, but yeah...you should totally get the audio of that one! Point to Neil! (Bought it)

2. The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason - I loved Colleen's Gardella Vampire series SO much, so I've been really curious about this new series of hers! Me and Matt were at the evil Walmart one night and I walked down the book aisle and this was sitting there!! Of course I had to pick it up and snap a picture to send to Colleen of her book being sold at Walmart :p (Bought it)

3. Virgin: The Untouched History by Hanne Blank - Ana gets the point for this gem that I've been waiting for very patiently on PaperbackSwap forever now!! My number finally came up :) Sounds amazing and I still vividly recall reading Ana's review of this one that made me want to read it back then. A study of virginity and it's social implications and it's history. Wouldn't be a bad bloggers post without a point for Ana :p (Paperback Swap)

4. The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter - I've had this one preordered for a long time and received it the day it was released! Haven't read it yet though. I preorder everything Pratchett releases that isn't a discworld book. And the only reason I don't preorder the discworld books is because I'm anal about having to read series in publication order even though Ana has TOLD me that with Discworld there are subseries and I don't HAVE to do this :p (Bought it)

5. The Light Princess by George Macdonald - I'm almost finished reading this one! I've been wanting to read it for a long time, so I finally ordered it. I love older books that Maurice Sendak illustrated. The first I read was The Bat Poet by Randall Jarrell and I LOVED that book. So far, this one is kinda amazing as well. Review should be coming shortly for this one as well. (Bought it)

6. Huntress by Malinda Lo - I know a lot of people were not floored by Ash, but I absolutely was! This is the sequel and I've heard that it's better than Ash. Considering I loved Ash, I'm sure this one will be absolutely spectacular in my eyes!! (Bought it)

7. The Siren by Tiffany Reisz - In the middle of reading this one right now too! Totally not my normal read, but I'm kinda loving it. Erotica with a bookish theme to it! It's about an editor and an author so far and I can totally see where this is going...I've talked to the author over twitter and she promises some M/M plotlines in the future books :p Sold! (Review copy)

8. The Time of Quarantine by Katharine Haake - I was asked to review this one and I could NOT pass it up. Sounds like an absolutely beautiful story. About a human raised in a world where only robots exist and his job is just to...be human. It's much more involved than that, I'm sure, but it sounded too intriguing to pass up. (Review Copy)

9. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh - This is sad to admit, but I don't remember much about this one off hand. But the title...and the cover...that's enough to lure me in, eh? (Review copy)

10. The Legacy by Katherine Webb - And last but CERTAINLY not least is this little gem that was sent to me by my other "mama", Pat...AKA Deslily. She described this one as being similar to The Thirteenth Tale and that made me want to read it REALLY badly. And my mama being what she is, she sent it to me without me knowing about it!! What a nice surprise :) She also gets a point because of her review that made it irresistible! Point to Pat! (Gift from a friend)


Daphne said...

I love George MacDonald!! I haven't read The Light Princess -- have you read The Princess and the Goblin? One of my favorites ever ever ever.

Becky said...

I've read The Light Princess twice now, and I just LOVE and ADORE it. I have decided I need to read MacDonald's other works too. I've just finished Princess and the Goblin and Princess and Curdie!

Looking forward to your review!!!

Debi said...

Uhhh, sweetie--you really didn't have a lot of blame to dole out there. Looks like you're going to have to own up and take a bit of responsibility for those sagging bookshelves yourself. :P

Darren @ Bart's Bookshelf said...

Looks like a really great set of books, Chris. I read the Cairo graphic novel by G Willow Wilson a while back and really enjoyed it.

Chris said...

Daphne, I have not, but I've just added it onto my wishlist :D You can most likely expect a bad bloggers point for it soon :p

Becky, I'm really thinking I need to read more MacDonald myself now! Daphne recommended The Princess and The Goblin as well and I think that'll be my next read by him!

Debs, Yeah, I think you're right there :p i think I have to take most of this blame myself :p Hopefully in the future I'll be able to push off more blame, lol.

Darren, Ooooh...I've heard good stuff about Cairo...I really need to get that one!

DesLily said...

sure sure blame your friends lol...

Thelegacy is like 13th tale because it's family secrets that have to be searched for..but no book will ever beat the Thirteenth Tale!

DesLily said...

btw: what do you mean the old blog will be disappearing????

Marina said...

Hello Chris! Not sure if you remember me from past reading challenges, but I stopped in to see what was going on with your blog, and found my way to this post.

I am thinking that there should be a "bad bloggers"-style meme for bloggers who coerce others into following memes. Hmph...may have to start it myself and award you with a bonus 5 points for the idea.