Saturday, June 30, 2012

Popping in to say hello!

Hey everybody! Hope everyone has been doing well. I've been missing everyone lately so I thought I'd just just pop in and write a post about a whole lot of nothing. Not too much going on in my neck of the woods except for things being amazingly good and amazingly awful simultaneously.

The amazingly good is the obvious. I feel like I'm really at the best place I've ever been at in my life. I'm at a place that I didn't think I would ever be. Especially say five years ago. I didn't think this life was even possible. But I'm here in this amazing apartment in this amazing city starting this amazing life with, most importantly, the most amazing man I've ever known. And it just gets better with every day as we both get more comfortable with each other and with this little life that we're making together. I'm not going to lie, things were rough at first. Not because I was living with Matt, but because it was a big adjustment...for the both of us. But I'm adjusting really well now. This place is starting to feel like home now. I'm getting used to my partner being my partner in life. And it's a really good thing. I could really continue to list the good forever right now because there really are so many little great things...little daily gifts going on in life right now.

I almost don't even want to talk about the bad after writing that last paragraph because I shouldn't even let it affect me, but work has just been absolutely AWFUL lately. Really awful. If I could ignore it and not let it get to me, I would but it's been impossible. And it's not even my job itself, it's the politics of the place and the way the hospital is run. I just hate it sometimes. But I do love my work. And my private practice is picking up again and that's a really good thing too! Hopefully there will be some changes soon at work though that will make things better...I can hope!

And of course with the stress at work comes migraines. Which have been better by the way, but when they do come on, they come on with a vengeance. I got  NO sleep last night because the headache I had woke me up every thirty minutes with throbbing pain. And I know it was a direct result of yesterday's shift at work. By the end of the shift, my shoulders and neck were so tight. It hurt so bad and caused an instant headache. I wish I could stop letting that place get to me so much and I really do try...but there's only so much control I have over it.

In more POSITIVE news, I actually read a few books this month!!! Here's what I read:
Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, 2012, 336 pgs., Putnam
A Chance in the World by Steve Pemberton, 2012, 256 pgs., Thomas Nelson
Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer, 2011, 248 pgs., Harcourt
The Chronicles of Harris Burdick ed. by Chris Van Allsburg, 2011, 228 pgs., Houghton Mifflin
The Alphabet Not Unlike the World by Katrina Vandenberg, 2012, 96 pgs., Milkweed Editions

None of these stand out as lifetime favorites, though Let's Pretend This Never Happened was absolutely hilarious and really a good study in social anxiety, and The Alphabet Not Unlike the World has a few poems that will become favorites. I'll be happy if the rest of this year lets me read 5 books a month!! After the previous two months only saw me reading ONE book each month, this was an awesome month!!!

So that's all I have for today...Once again...I'm sorry for being such a stranger. I should just start putting that as a standard disclaimer at the end of every post :/ One of these days I'll get my act back together again. The only thing I've been pretty regular on lately has been Instagram! And I know obviously not everyone has that...I've been doing photo a day there and I have all of my pics cross post on my Tumblr. I do plan on continuing that with Photo A Day in July as well :) So at least you can catch me there if no where else!! And even if I haven't been commenting, I actually HAVE been reading everyone's blogs lately. It's what I do on my breaks at works. It's what I do to calm me down..comfort myself. So thanks to all of you for that :) You've all cheered me up without even knowing it on certain days! Hopefully I'll get back to commenting more regularly soon! Ok...I'll stop rambling now :p

Tell me something good!


softdrink said...

I work for a government bureaucracy and totally hear you on work politics and frustrations. It's particularly galling to think about how agencies that are supposed to HELP people can be so thick-headed and caught up in blah, blah, blah, as opposed to just doing something.

Okay...rant over. But I feel your pain. Just take deep breaths and know that you are helping people with the work that you do.

DesLily said...

something good:.. I love you and there's a package in the mail :o)

christina said...

Politics that involve the education or emotional well being of individuals just pisses me off like no one's business. It's sorta like, sure, screwing with healthy adults is one thing (read: politics in a normal setting, and I use normal rather loosely here) but then when they involve the well being of CHILDREN or people who are obvs not STABLE enough to NOT be affected. Argh.

And why is it that the people who end up making these big important decisions are the ones who are furthest away from the people effected? I'm sure it's the same way in the hospital. . .

*breath* before I incite a panic attack. **My** inner child is ALWAYS stomping her foot and crying out: why are people soooo not nice?!

Glad that things are going fantastic with you and Matt though! I cannot wait to drag Di up to NOLA (she's never been!) sometime this year.

Amanda said...

I'm glad most things are going well for you, and I look forward to continuing to see your pics on Instagram!

Becky said...

Sorry to hear about work and the headaches because of it. I've been a stranger, because of work--which is always my reason, so I understand to some degree. I'm glad that everything else in your life is going so well! I love that you share your happiness AND frustrations. You're like a great book, with highs and lows all together. :)

Susan said...

Yaay for the good stuff, Chris, and it's so fantastic to hear about your new life, new home, new partner.....and it always is rough the first little while with someone just because it's strange to have someone else there (no matter how you feel about them) all the time.

It certainly makes me happier to see how happy you are!

Good news from me, let's see: with luck I'll have the roses twined in their new trellis properly, and take some photos of my garden for my blog. Work sucks - I've been passed over acting assignments this year after it never being offered in my 10 years there! and I work in a government bureaucracy, so trying to keep my cool is a daily affair. I sometimes have a bubble around me, like the hamster in Bolt (the movie) :-)

My reading is pretty low too, sadly. I hope for a better second half for all of us, for 2012! lol

Fence said...

Seconding the yay for the good things. Its hard sometimes but that is what we have to concentrate on when other things aren't going well.

But you know that already :) I think we all do, its just a case of putting the theory into practice I guess.

Daphne said...

So nice to "see" you! Glad the good things are going good -- sorry the bad things are bad. I work in mental health too -- not directly, like you, but I hear stories and I know the politics that can happen. Hang in there. In the meantime, yay books! Hmm... good things for me... traveling to Oregon for my 20th high school reunion (which I planned), and then later this month, back to Oregon for my brother's wedding! Good stuff.

Kristina said...

Yay for things going well Chris!! I'm glad you and Matt are getting settled! As for work, I know all about the politics, I work for the government. It gets on my last nerves daily but I look forward to getting home everyday. I'm also taking college classes again so I can eventually get outta here! I just followed you on Instagram =)