Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

As much as I've come to ABHOR Orson Scott Card's views on homosexuality and his rants that he's been known to post on them, I can't seem to leave the man's writing. For awhile, I read nothing by Orson Scott Card novels. I remember reading Ender's Game for the first time and then following that up with Speaker for the Dead and it being the most incredible reading experience I'd ever had. I was amazed that somebody could write anything as incredible as Speaker for the Dead...that anyone could understand humans so well...that anyone could understand the human EXPERIENCE so well. So then I went on to read more of his books. I read books like the Homecoming saga which is one of my all time favorite series. That book had one of the most amazing gay characters I've ever read in a book. What I loved about that character was that he was NOT "a gay character"...he was a character that happened to be gay. OSC wrote him that way. And he gave him such wonderful, beautiful traits. Made him into a being of such kindness and beauty and compassion. He's written plenty of other gay characters into his novels. And they've all been amazing characters. Same with his straight characters...OSC just writes fantastic CHARACTERS. He's written plenty of great Asian and Black characters as well. Characters of all different ages, he's written characters that are male, female, and characters that are ambiguous in their gender. I've loved him for all of these reasons. So I was crushed when I read an essay he wrote against homosexuality. And I've heard him defend himself...blah blah blah. But the fact is, he wrote that and stands by it. Being gay is wrong in his eyes and gays should never have the chance to marry. It's a SIN. That word, that word. I just don't get the clash of the two...what he writes vs. what he preaches. My own theory has been that what he writes is what he truly believes...that's been what I told myself for years. I don't think you can write characters so fluidly without relating to them somehow. Almost like his writing is his way to truly express his ideals...but at the same time, when you are such a popular author, you have a least I think so...and to spew that disgusting hatred into the world just saddens me so much. Is it because of his church that he feels the need to preach against the evils of homosexuality? I don't know. But hey! This is supposed to be a book review, huh? I vowed I was done with OSC after he posted his rants and THEN started writing books like Empire that didn't do much for me and sounded like he was chummy with Glenn Beck *shivers*...but then I heard that he had new FANTASY coming out!!! So I had to get my hands on Pathfinder...I couldn't help myself. I also have his other new book, The Lost Gate, which I haven't read yet. Pathfinder was just amazing and it reminded why I do love OSC so much as an author. There they were, those same amazing characters. Characters from every class, characters that are fully formed, characters that are just so BEAUTIFUL!! And such a wonderful story. It centers around Rigg, a young boy born with a gift to see the paths of others...the paths where people, animals, things have traveled. As far back as time has gone. Rigg was raised by a man that helped him hone his powers but is killed towards the beginning of the book. He leaves Rigg 19 jewels and instructions to find his sister in Aressa Sessamo, a town far away. But before he can leave his own town, he's joined by another young boy named Umbo who also has his own special ability..the ability to slow down time. Together they leave on their quest to Aressa which wouldn't be complete without many secrets unfolded and many dangers along the way ;) Like learning the fact that Rigg is actually the son of the royal family of Aressa Sessamo. Running along side Rigg's own story is another story that takes place as short pieces at the beginning of each chapter. It's the story of Ram Odin, a man traveling in space from Earth to set up a new colony. This story itself was amazing on it's own and it's only a matter of time before we're able to make the connections between the two stories. It felt good to be back in the hands of "the old" Orson Scott Card. The novels of his that I used to love and treasure so much. I hope he stays in this place. And I still continue to hope that one day he'll come out with another essay on homosexuality. A statement supporting the rights of ALL humans. Because we ARE all one human race. That's the one thing that unites us all, Mr. Card. You of all people should know that with these wonderful worlds you create. We share the same blood, the same chemistry, the same Earth. Why divide it? Being gay is not a choice. It's not a sin. It's not an evil. It's beautiful when any two people can unite in love. If you think that your god would punish something that beautiful, then he's no god worthy of worship in my eyes. And I'm sorry...I know that offends a lot of people, but it's the truth. Going to hell for love...there's a fantasy novel if I ever read one on so many levels...

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