Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite (Christmas) Things

I love these posts that people do, so I figured I'd do my own! A post all about cool Christmas gifts :) Here's a picture of all the cool gifts I got, but I just remembered that I forgot to include two of my favorites...duh! First not pictured is the new Nintendo DS Lite Zelda Triforce edition! Yes, it's gold with the triforce on the outside of it and comes with the new Zelda game and it rocks! And the second not pictured is Lynne Fleweling's The Bone Doll's Twin which I've been wanting to read forever! I'll be reading that one for the Cardathon Challenge. Here's my other faves:

From top left to right:

What Therapists Don't Talk About and Why: This book's been on my wishlist for a long time now. It's all about the taboos of therapy that you just don't see discussed in textbooks and in other places. Looking forward to this one!

Book's I've Read, A Reader's Journal: I've always wanted one of these journals! I think I'm going to start getting one of these for each year. It'll be fun to keep all my books for '08 in here. It asks questions about each book that you read. Very cool!

Eternals by Neil Gaiman: :D I've been dying for this one! This will most certainly be a late addition to Dewey's Graphic Novel Challenge. Big surprise here that I got a Neil Gaiman book, right?

The 2008 Barnes and Noble Desk Diary: I love their desk diaries...they're the best and I always try to get one. Top notch and in my opinion at a great price! Great gift for readers.

Where's Neil When You Need Him CD: I've been wanting this one for awhile too! This is such a cool CD. It's all songs written by artists (lots of goth/industrial bands) that pay tribute to Neil Gaiman's stories and characters. Closed off by a Tori Amos track!

Planet Earth DVD set: I was thrilled when I opened this one! This is one of my favorite TV series to be produced in a long time. Discovery Channel does amazing things and this is one of the best they've done in a long time.

The Little Prince: Another book that I've been wanting for ages. Can you believe I've never read this one? I'm glad to finally have it in my library!

A beautiful leather journal!: My sister got me this journal and it's gorgeous. It's made of sueded leather and it's just perfect. Love it!

And there were giftcards to book stores and coffee shops. I was overwhelmed! I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas. The gifts were nice, but better than those was the time spent with family and the smiles shared throughout the day. I could've done without the migraine last night, but that's gone now, so it's all good. Now it's time to lose the 10 pounds that I no doubt gained yesterday! And start reading these books!


Susan said...

Sounds like you got some fun stuff. My 9-year-old son LOVES The Planet Earth series. I'm going to look for that Neil Gaiman CD - sounds fun. Glad you had a good Christmas.

DesLily said...

wow! you made out like a champ bubba!!!

I love planet earth! I watch it often on Discovery.. fantastic photography isn't it?!!! I got movies for david and my brother.. all movies they wanted..but I want them too! LOL.. the last harry potter movie, bridge to terabithia, stardust, the last pirates of the carribean and one on frank frazetta ..sigh.. well at least I can see them! lol

Chris said...

Susan, Planet Earth is such a great show. Can't wait to catch the episodes I missed! The Neil Gaiman CD is awesome. I've been listening to it all day :) Check it out!

Deslily, Indeed I did :) Isn't Planet Earth cool? I can't wait to watch the DVD! The rain forest episode is my favorite. I love the birds of paradise. I still haven't seen the Bridge to Terabithia movie, but it's coming up soon on my Netflix! I haven't bought the Stardust DVD either. Let me know if it has any cool extras!.

Boudicca said...

Yay, I got Eternals,too! :D

The Little Prince was the first book I bought for my son before he was even born (18 years ago). I just love that book.

Bellezza said...

Santa was surely good to you! I'm keeping a reader's journal, too, this year. I love Le Petit Prince, which I've read several times (once even in French! For High School French 6). I have an old French bill of twenty francs, before they switched to euros, and the picture on the front is St. Exupery. Isn't it nifty that they didn't confine themselves to presidents for their money? Anyway, Merry Christmas. I'm glad I "met" you in 2007.

Carl V. said...

What fun stuff! I hadn't heard of that Books I've Read journal. I need to see if I can track one of those down!

Planet Earth, at least what I saw of it, was fantastic. I want to eventually watch them all in order with all the extras and behind the scenes.

My nephew had the same Nintendo DS at our family Christmas yesterday and I helped him play a bit of Zelda. It was really cool and easier to get used to using that stick thing that I thought it would be watching the commercials.

Chris said...

Boudicca, I was grinning from ear to ear when I got Eternals! Glad you got it too! Isn't it beautiful??? Very sweet of you to buy your son The Little Prince. I'm looking forward to it!

Bellezza, I'm glad I met you too in 'o7! It was a great year for friendships! I thought of you when I got The Little Prince. I was certain that you had read that that one in French ;) I'd love to get my hands on a French copy of it...I'll have to look into that!

Carl, I've seen the journals at B&N before. They're really cool! Planet Earth is amazing!! Definitely check it out when you get a chance. If you have access to a hi-def TV I highly recommend that ;) We don't have hi-def, but my grandma does and I caught a few episodes there and it blew me away! The new Zelda game rocks...can't get enough of it. It's one of those games that I'll be very sad to see end, so I'm trying to just play one level a night. I could easily stay up all night and just play through the whole thing though.

Nymeth said...

You got the new Zelda and The Eternals! How cool is that!

And The Little Prince! That's one of my favourite books ever, and I can see it becoming one of yours. Such a tender and moving and wise story. It's a very quick read, too, so it's good for the holiday season, when finishing a book seems to be one of Hercules' labours :P

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Ah the little Prince and his wonderful little Cruel rose.

Love it. Although...if you've seen the film "My Dinner with Andre," Andre gives a case of why a Nazi would like that book.

Sounds like a great list. -C

Debi said...

Well, that certainly was a nice little haul there! But I'm even happier for you that you had a special, wonderful time with your family!

We have those Planet Earth DVDs, too...and love, love, love them!

Chris said...

Nymeth, The new Zelda is awesome! Can't stop playing it :p And Eternals looks incredible, though I haven't started reading it. Have no doubt it will be great! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about The Little Prince :) I can't wait to read that one. You have a good point too...I think I'll save it for when I feel like I'm being overwhelmed by another book!

Carole, I don't think I want to see "My Dinner With Andre" now :p LOL! Your comment alone makes The Little Prince sound like such a beautiful book! Can't wait to read it.

Debi, Aren't the Planet Earth DVD's great? I'm telling you, I'm obsessed with that series. I wish they'd do more episodes but I don't know what else they'd film, lol!

Eva said...

I love Le Petit Prince. :) I'll have to look for one of those reading journals the next time I'm at B&N....although, realistically, since I already blog, I probably wouldn't use it. Still, maybe one of them will be super compelling!
Congrats on all your great gifts!

Chris said...

Eva, I'm sort of the same way about the reading journal, though I'm going to try to force myself to use it! I sort of miss keeping a handwritten account of my books...there's something about it that's just special. We'll see how that works out...

jpderosnay said...

those are very cool!

the little prince is one of my big time favourites.

that gaiman one has quite slipped under my radar... isn't it great how there are those books that sneak under ones awareness. i know i've heard of it, but ikeep forgetting about it...

is it meant to be good?

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