Saturday, July 14, 2007

Strange Noises

There are very odd noises coming from my stomach. At first I thought that maybe I was just watching too much Dr. Who and was hungover from last night, but it's slowly being confirmed that it may indeed be a stomach virus. Just in time for a road trip to Texas. Well that should be fun. Whenever I get stomach viruses they tend to not last very hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow night.

So Jessica is going home tomorrow morning. It's been a great week and I've really enjoyed having someone to hang out with. I've found that I have more friends down here than I thought I did. I just fell out of touch with alot of people over the years. I've been hanging out at PJ's at night with the old crew that's still over there. PJ's is the coffee shop that I used to work at and the coffee junkies I used to hang out with 5 years ago are still there and it felt great to fall back into that crowd. I also got to go see Harry Potter (which was great!) with my friend DJ who I haven't hung out with in a really long time. We used to be comic book buddies but fell out of touch when he got married. So this past week has been alot of fun as time with Jroy always is.

And next comes time with Megan! We have lots of nothing planned which is fine by me :) I'm sure there will be movies and restaurants and coffee and book shopping and all of our old things. I'm just looking forward to being with her again. Going for long drives to no place in particular while listening to music. Sleeping all day and just staying in bed together. Sitting around and catching up on us time. A week won't be long enough, but it's all I can afford right now...and there's the issue of still having to be back here to find a job :/ Hopefully she can make a New Orleans trip sometime soon too....that would be good...but if not, we'll make it work!

As for now, I'll rest up and try to get better in time for Monday's road trip. I love road trips, I always look forward to them. Driving on the interstate with the windows down and good music always makes me happy...not so much with a stomach virus...


Quixotic said...

Sorry you're poorly - hopefully it will pass quickly, leaving you to enjoy your time with Megan! Hope you both have a wonderful week, it's well deserved! :)

DesLily said...

ewww.. make that 2 ewww's! One your tummy (which I sure hope isn't what you think it is) and second: driving to texas? I didn't know you were driving! Thought you were flying! ack! How long is the drive?
You drive carefully! No speeding! No weaving in and out of traffic! wear your seat belt!.. This is an ORDER! Keep your mind on the road and not on Megan! (until you get there!)..sheesh.. kids!

Nymeth said...

Get well soon, Chris!

And have a wonderful time (I don't need to say this, as there is no way you won't)!

Don't you wish you could slow down time sometimes? But even though it's only a week, I am sure that by the end of it you will be so filled with wonderful memories it will feel like a much longer time :)

Darla D said...

Yikes, Chris, I hope you feel well soon! Here's my favorite stomach remedy - it really can help: grate some fresh ginger, maybe a tablespoon or so, steep it in boiling water for about 5 minutes, strain it, add some honey, and drink up. More potent than ginger ale, if you can stomach it (sorry about the pun, I'm hopeless).

Have a great trip! And since I'm a mom, too, I'll echo deslily's urges to drive safely. :-)

Carl V. said...

Not good, I hope if passes super quickly.

So glad you have enjoyed your week and I hope it only gets better with time spent with Megan.

Have a safe trip and check in to let us know how you are faring.

cj said...

Add my feel better wishes to the others, Chris.

Enjoy the trip and all the good stuff that goes along with it. I envy you. It's a summer of going nowhere for me.


Chris said...

Hey Quix, Woke up this morning feeling better that's a good sign :) Looking forward to this week!

Deslily, The drive is about 7 hours, but I don't mind it at all...I love road trips, look forward to them actually :) Yes Ma'am! Order obeyed! ;) I'm always careful and safe ;)

Nymeth, A "slow down time machine" would indeed be a wonderful thing ;) Hmmm, you should take that idea and run with it for a NaNo story ;)

Darla, Cool! I love home remedies ;) I'm almost 100% today so that's a good sign! I promise I'll be careful ;) I'm always a safe driver.

Carl, It seems to be passing quickly, so hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone completely! I'm bringing the laptop to Texas with me, so I should have regular check-ins while I'm there ;)

CJ, Thanks! That's sad :( You should make a little trip for yourself! even if it's just half an hour away for a couple of something fun!

jean pierre said...

your non-plans for your week with megan sound brilliant! i hope you enjoy it.

and i hope that stomach bug passes soon!

its really cool that you got to catch up with old friends. do you think you'll stay in touch with some of them now?

Carl V. said...

Have a great drive there and enjoy the music and the fresh air!

Jeff S. said...

Glad to hear your starting to feel better and I wish you the best next week with Megan!

I'm jealous. You've already seen the new Harry Potter film. I hope to see it it the next week or two. My wife and kids are also planning to hit a midnight book release party this friday night too. I hope to swing by and see the after work that night as well before midnight.

Chris said...

JP, The non plans are off to a great start ;) And the stomach pains are gone! I'll def. stay in touch with my old friends. They're friends I've always stayed in touch with, we just go long periods of time between seeing each other.

Carl, The drive was tedious, but the trip is off to a great start :) That's all that matters!

Thanks Jeff! Harry Potter was great, I'm sure you'll love it! You have to let me know what you think.

Stephanie said...

Yikes! Poor you. I hope you feel better before you head for Texas! Have a great trip! And tell Megan Hi!