Saturday, July 21, 2007

Greetings From Texas

So today is my last day in Texas and I'm not ready to leave. This trip flew by way too fast. It's been a perfect trip. Exactly what I wanted. We've had the time together that we wanted to spend, but it just hasn't been never will be until we're back in the same place. But the time we've had has been well spent. It's been spent mostly over coffee, target, book shopping, eating, driving and listening to music, drinking, sleeping, and all that other good stuff.

Tomorrow will be a sad goodbye as it always is, but hopefully all of these goodbyes will end soon. Megan had to work tonight, so I figured I'd fit in a blog and say hello to everyone and then of course fit in some Harry Potter reading ;) Right now our mini poodle, Buddy, is licking my brand new Harry Potter book which he was just corrected for. He has a new best friend...a 50 pound Great Dane puppy...oh yeah, there are pictures of that that I will post when I get home. I think I'll go visit Megan later tonight and have a cappuccino and desert and continue the Harry reading.

Book buying has been pretty decent here. I picked up a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife for Megan. Of course I got my copy of the new Harry Potter this morning. I've also bought a hardcover copy of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo, Rip Van Winkle illustrated by Arthur Rackham, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield for the RIP Challenge and Renfield by Barbara Hambly for the RIP Challenge.

I also finished The Color of Magic by Terry Prachett and I honestly wasn't that nuts about it. Don't be mad at me everybody! I have to admit though that I didn't give it a fair reading. I was distracted throughout my reading of it, but it never really caught me. I did however like Rincewind quite a bit and the ending left me with enough of a cliffhanger to pick up The Light Fantastic which I will be doing. It did have it's funny moments and it was a very clever book. I love the world that Prachett has created, I think I just need to get to know it a bit more. Many of you told me that I may not be nuts about this first book, so I expected it somewhat. I'll continue on with the series because I'm curious enough to know what happens in The Light Fantastic and the later books in the series sound incredible!

That's all for now folks! A warning ahead of time...until I finish The Deathly Hallows, if I see the words "Harry Potter" on your blog, I'm likely to wait until I'm finished reading the book to visit your page ;) I completely understand if you do the same with mine. Happy reading everyone! I missed you guys.


DesLily said...

your coming home and I'm headed for florida! My HP book came today but no way am I carrying that heavy thing with me! I have a paperback of Stardust I"m taking!

I was at a con today and saw one young lady about 1/4th of the way thru the new HP!! ack! lol

hopefully I will get on line in fla to keep up with "comments"!

Have a safe trip home!

Nymeth said...

Time always passes much too fast, doesn't it? I hope the day you guys can be living in the same place again comes soon.

That's perfectly understandable about "The Colour of Magic". It's a fun book, and I did enjoy it, but I can understand others not being too crazy about it. But the series really does become much better from "Mort" on.

As for Harry Potter, happy reading! I finished about an hour ago, so you'd better stay away from my blog until you're done :P

Chris said...

Deslily, How can you let it sit that long?! Though Stardust is an excellent companion and much lighter I might add ;) I'm about 100 pages into it after an hours worth of reading. Phew! Heavy stuff!

Nymeth, Time does indeed pass too fast. I think the day is coming soon though where we'll live in the same place. There's been lots of talk of that this trip.

There were parts of Color of Magic that I loved and were genius, but overall there was something missing for me...just can't put my finger on it. Just hard to attach to the story.

You finished already!! Oh no! I may be away from your blog for a couple of days :( That's sad :(

Bellezza said...

No spoiler re. Harry on my blog; one of the reasons? I've been reading for most of the day and I'm still not finished!

Teacher said...

I am glad y'all had an awesome time! I knew you would. I look forward to talking to you and filling you in on my completely shitty week. If you are bored tonight while Meg is at work call me. Miss ya!

Marina said...

Glad to hear you're having a great time in TX. I finished the HP book this morning after staying up all night to read it (yes, I took naps today), but I don't think I'll be posting anything significant about it for a few days.
Can't wait to see your review...have a safe journey home.

Chris said...

Bellezza, Yay for no spoilers :) I'm about to jump back into reading now...I'm loving it!

Jroy, Sorry you had a shitty week :( I hope things get better soon. I will now resume my daily routine of phone calls so that stress no longer builds up for you ;)

Marina, How are all of you people finishing this book so fast?! My eyes would burn out of my head if I read a 750 page book straight through! lol...I'll let you know when I'm done ;)

Kim said...

Glad you're having a great trip.

I just resumed my blog reading after finishing Harry Potter in a straight run. Yes, my eyes weren't happy with me, but they got a break for the rest of the day ;)

Chris said...

Kim, I had a great trip, thanks :) I'm about to dive back into HP now..I've been a busy bee lately and haven't had a chance to get through the book yet :(

Darla D said...

Welcome back - glad you had fun! And enjoy your time with Harry - as anxious as I was to see what happened, I'm sad that it is over now. It's an amazingly quick read for such a long book, isn't it? (Although my family may take issue with that - it seemed fast to me, anyway!)

Chris said...

Darla, it's going too fast! I'm trying to make it go by slowly, but it's just not working :(

Carl V. said...

Welcome back. I'm sorry your trip has to be over as I'm sure it is a very melancholy thing. I hope these long distance trips will soon be a thing of the past for you both.

Great book buys! You did well! I hope Megan enjoys Time Traveler's Wife!

Chris said...

Carl, Thanks for the welcome back :) Lots of plans seem to be in the mix and it sounds like these trips back and forth have an end in the future. Hopefully within a year. That still seems like such a long time, but at least timelines are starting to become clear. I'm really hoping she enjoys Time Traveler's Wife too! I'm sure she will...I keep piling books on her, she now has Ender's Game, Stardust, and Time Traveler's Wife to read ;) I expect reports on all of them!

jean pierre said...

i'm glad you had a good trip! i just watched "brokeback mountain" and so at the moment i have particular sympathy with your situation of having to leave again!

those are some cool books you picked up! you're such a book fiend! haha! soon you'll need a new house at the rate that you buy books... :)

yeah, "the colour of magic" didn't particularly grab me either. i read it and thought "and...?". funnily, it was when i read "the light fantastic" as a graphic novel that i really got into it. i then read "the colour of magic" graphic novel and suddenly loved it.

perhaps this shows that his writing style was very raw in the beginning - and that a diluted form like a graphic novel shows it in the best light? i dunno. either way to this day i absolutely love those graphic novels!

sorry you were dissapointed though. i know people said it might not be that good a book - but still, we'd hyped up ol' terry so much...!

Chris said...

JP, I really do have quite a habit of buying books :p Fortunately, I'm really good at finding bargains when it comes to books, so while it still eats away at my money, it's not quite as bad as it could be ;)

I didn't know that the books were put into graphic novel form! That's so cool! I'll have to check it out. I'm looking forward to The Light Fantastic. Quite the little cliffhanger at the end of The Color of Magic...I have to know what happens to Rincewind now.

I really wasn't disappointed...I sort of knew what to expect going into this one and I really like the world that Pratchett created. I'm looking forward to getting further into the series and exploring the world a little bit more and seeing how Pratchett's career as a writer has grown. I have the same taste in books as many Pratchett readers so I have no doubt that I'll enjoy them as I get further into the series.

Hope everything's ok with you all over there! I'm telepathically pushing the water away from Oxford!

Rhinoa said...

Glad you have been having such a great time and buying lots of books too! I hope Megan likes The Time Travellers Wife as much as I did.

Don't get your hopes up about The Light Fantastic either, I really didn't enjoy it. They get better after about the fourth book I think so do try and perserve, although I am certainly not massive fan of the series.

Enjoy Harry Potter!

Chris said...

Rhinoa, That's what I keep hearing...they get better around the fourth book, so I'll keep reading :) I'm loving this final installment of the HP series but it's going too's sad to see the pages trickling away :( I really hope that she continues to write young adult novels...she does a great job with them.

jean pierre said...

the graphic novels are very cool - as i said. i particularly like the art.

thanks for your telepathic aid!