Monday, May 14, 2007

Phew!! And A Couple Of Web Wanderings

I'm officially calling this the "Get Shit Done Day". Because that's exactly what I've done all day. And I'm officially exhausted. I started the day with a shower, and I think that's where I'm about to end it.

I've had a lot of "other stuff" that's been needing to get done, so I decided to work on that today. Here's the list:

1. Pay the credit card bill: The bill has been staring at me every day and my lazy ass keeps saying, "I'll do it later". So I finally just did it. Done!

2. Apply for jobs: I posted my resume on and on today. I also applied for a program counselor position at West Jefferson Hospital's Behavioral Center. I actually fit the eligiblity for that one! And lo and behold I got a job today!! Not a real job, but it's something. River Oaks (the hospital I've been interning at) called and asked if I would be interested in being a weekend counselor/social services PRN person on the child and adolescent unit. So I said sure! It's only 4 days a month, but it's fine by me. It's a little extra money and I get to work with the kids still. I loved it over there, so now I'm not gone completely. I work Saturday and Sunday every other weekend starting June 9th. Still looking for a real job though. Now I have to break it to the family that I PCA for that I won't be working with them anymore after 5 or 6 years :(

3. Walked 6 city blocks twice: Not really what the thing I crossed of my list was, but an accomplishment nonetheless. I had to drop off all of my internship time sheets to my professor at school in downtown New Orleans, but first I had to pick some stuff up from him that he signed and make copies of everything. So rather than going to Kinkos and paying for copies, I walked to my mom's office which is also in downtown New Orleans about 6 blocks away from school, right across from the Superdome. After making my copies, I walked back to school and up the three flights of stairs to drop the copies off to my professor. Now I think I'm really done with everything school related and nothing is holding me back from graduating. At least I hope so!

4. Got a haircut! Boy did I need one. I always hate the way my hair looks the first day I get a haircut, but it's growing on me...I guess literally...what a lame joke...OK

5. Put together a bookshelf: Put together bookshelf #2 of 3. This one was a pain for some reason. It took me forever to put this thing together, but I managed. I put my school books on it and all of my magazines and journals. It's the "academic shelf". I'll put the last one together tomorrow. I think that one's going to hold the cd's and dvd's.

As for the rest of the afternoon. I may still try to go to the gym even though I've probably burned about 1000 calories today and my arms are already sore from putting the bookshelf together. I'd like to wash the windows in my car. I'm going to try to finish Fablehaven...and of course...HEROES!

I also wanted to point everyone to two very cool links:

1. Bookfool started a new blog and it's the coolest thing EVER! It's a poppet photo blog entitled Poppet's Magnificent Traveling Adventures.

2. Endicott Studio has announced the publication of a new collection of fairy tales by a wonderful set of authors due out next year called The Cinderella Game. Can't wait for this one!


Bookfool said...

Wow, you had a busy day! I was such a bum, it embarrasses me to think about myself. I haven't even watered the plants or taken the trash to the curb (tomorrow's trash day). Okay, you've inspired me to at least do that much. :)

Poppet says "Thank you for the mention, dear."

Chris said...

Haha, You've just reminded me that it's trash day here too and I've yet to do that. I'm sure tomorrow will be my bum day. I have WAY too many of those.

Tell poppet she's very welcome.

Quixotic said...

Love the Poppet travelblog. So cute. another Windling/Datlow collection.

Oh and congrats on the weekend job. Fingers crossed you get a great main job!

Chris said...

Quix, Isn't it great! I love bookfool's photos. I'm looking forward to the Windling collection. It's going to be great! I'm excited about the job. It's exactly where I wanted to be! If only it would turn into something more full time.

Stephanie said...

Wow. Sounds like a busy day!! Yeah. I need to have one of those. Lots to do!!

Congrats on the job, even if it's part-time. What a great recommendation that they wanted you after you interned for them.

By the way, if you haven't already been tagged, I hit you with a meme on my site!! Sorry!

Chris said...

Stephanie, Yeah I'm happy about it. I really liked my internship, so I'm more than happy to actually get PAID to work there. No prob about tagging me, meme's are fine with me!