Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It seems that someone diverted me away from my plan to not buy any more books this month. I was sitting at home minding my business when all of a sudden my phone rang. Two friends informed me that they were heading over to Barnes and Noble and that I should meet them. I suddenly found myself in my car with my hand moving the gear into drive and my foot pressing down on the gas mind guiding me on that oh so familiar drive to the bookstore. I awakened in that familiar place filled with books. My eyes fell upon John Connolly's Book of Lost Things with a 50% off tag on it and at the same time it remembered that my member card would give me an additional 10% off. John Connolly's Book of Lost things hovered into my arms. I was not surprised to then find myself at the Sci-fi/fantasy section. Hmm, what would I find there but Wizards, a new collection that I have been looking forward to which collects never before published tales by authors of the likes of Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Garth Nix, Peter Beagle, Gene Wolfe, etc, etc, etc. Into my arms it goes. As I hover towards the elevator I spot Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi on sale for $5.98 and remember that I have to read that for the Newberry Challenge. Yep, in the arms. As I scan the psychology section upstairs I come across a book that seems to call to me that is entitled Adult Children of Alcoholics. Simple enough title. I scan through the book and find myself in it's pages. This may be important. I buy it. It will help me, it will help my clients. That's enough, I decide. The cashier steals my American Express, I lose money but gain books...everyone wins in the end!

Here's some more bookporn for Quixotic:Speaking of Quixotic, she seems to be the "it girl" of blog land lately. I've noticed two mentions of her on the Friends of English Magic website in the past couple of weeks (the same FoEM that Neil Gaiman often mentions in his blog) and Carl's latest post has quite a few Quix wannabe's (me included) in the comments section. We all love her poppet paired with book photos!

In fact, part of the reason that I changed the header of my blog was because I wanted to copy off of Quix :p Quix and Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings both recently changed their headers and I love them both. So I decided to change mine as well. Mine is taken from one of my favorite Dave McKean pieces. The full version is shown below and is actually the wallpaper on my laptop.


Literacy-chic said...

Congratulations on that thing you haven't blogged about yet!!!!!! ;)

Chris said...

Hehe...I haven't blogged about it yet, because I'm not certain of it yet...but thanks! If you don't hear about it, it's because it didn't happen. If it does happen...oh, you'll know!

Quixotic said...

Firstly - whatever the it is that you haven't blogged about - I hope it works out!

Secondly - BOOK PORN YAY! I also love that you have Jack Skellington in there. You know I'm a big NBC fangirl right? :)

Gorgeous books - you will LOVE The Book of Lost Things, I'm sure. I ordered that Wizards collection too...along with even more...*sigh*

And - "it girl"? Haha!

Nymeth said...

I love your Jack Skellington!

I noticed that mention of Quix on FoEM website, and I was happy for her. Imagine, Neil obviously reads FoEM, and it linked to Quixotical mentioning a great review of a book by his friend Susanna Clarke... I think it's likely he'll click the link and end up visiting her blog! :o

I love the new header too (as well as Quixotic's and Carl's).

Quixotic said...

If I'm an "It Girl" does that mean I have to start being all fashion conscious and whatnot? Because I don't think that's going to work out... Tara Palmer Tomkinson would take one look at my jeans and geeky t-shirts and run for the nearest boutique. ;-)

DesLily said...

tsk tsk... 14 books in a week.. hmmmm...are you sure those books shelves will be enuff??

I added Wizards to my list, started Bridge to Terabithia and finally ordered Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star So maybe Fablehaven is next.. or book of lost things? sigh lol

Carl V. said...

If you're gonna break the rules, you might as well go all out. Well done! Book of Lost Things is one I want to read soon, may have to pick that up today if its on sale at my B&N.

Nice book porn.

Carl V. said...

And, if you don't mind my asking, where did you go, site-wise, to get your McKean picture?

Bookfool said...

Ooooh, another book pic! Love it!

Crispin is a good one.

Quix has a terrific blog and deserves the recognition.

And, I really want to know what literacy-chic was referring to!!!!

Chris said...

Hehehe, me too Quix. All will be revealed soon if it happens. It's really not that big of a deal. At least I don't think so. I figured you'd be an NBC fan ;). I was hooked on the Book of Lost Things just by reading the book flap. It sounds great! I've been wanting the Wizard collection. What a great list of authors, huh!...I figured you'd get a kick out of being the it girl! But it's true! you're popping up all over the place, haha!

Nymeth, I love him too. I got him at Disney World. Lucky Quix, having Neil read her blog, lol...Maybe he'll comment. Thanks! All the new headers are great!

Yes Quix, you now have a responsibility to the blogging public. Your poppets must start appearing in designer poppet clothes, you must buy a whole new wardrobe, and you must blog about the trials and tribulations of leading the celebrity life ;) heheehehhe

Deslily, I need you around all the time to stop me from buying books. With you keeping count, it really sounds bad! 14 in a week, good lord, that's horrible! But hey, you've got quite the little list there yourself!

Carl, Yeah the rules have been broken in a bad, bad way this week, lol. I couldn't pass up Book of Lost Things at 50% off. That's cheap as hell! What a steal. I got that McKean image ages ago. I think I got it buy doing a Yahoo image search for Dave McKean. That's what I usually do when I'm looking for images.

Bookfool, I need to stop it with the book pics, because it means I'm buying books! lol..I'm looking forward to Crispin. I've never read any Avi. I love Quix's blog :D One of my favorites on the net. I don't want to say yet what literacy-chic is referring to because I don't want it to be a disappointment. I just don't want to get my hopes for something that might not be there. But I'll find out tomorrow and let you know as soon as I know :D

Quixotic said...

Ok well now you need to convince Lisa to start up a Poppet boutique. ;)

Careful with all the praise - I might have trouble getting my big head through the door to receive my book packages from the postman!

I've been very bad this week too, and have bought far too many books. Am going to have to declare a self-imposed book buying ban for a while I successful that will be, well...I think we know the answer to that.

Am now further intrigued by your possible news. Will be waiting here on the edge of my seat!

DesLily said...

Ohhh, I'm not going to stop you from buying books! lol... we all have things that bring us happiness and at times we need it more then others... no way would I stop you! (but it is funny that you bought so many in one week! lol) You are going to run out of bookshelf space veeerrrrry fast! hahahaha

I do have more then normal amount of new books at the moment.. but it's strange. The new books are all "thin" compaired to what I am used to reading..that's bad! You tend to read those faster!! I like books to last!

Chris said...

HAHA, A poppet boutique...I can see it now...with mini clothes racks and all. I don't think book buying bans work Quix. I put one on myself this week and look what I did! I acquired 14 more books! This is becoming an issue!

Deslily, You hit the nail on the head ;) I definitely turn to books during times of uneasiness. And that's what this past week has been. And it's helped. At least it's a healthy habit, eh? I've been buying thin books too lately and I know what you mean. They just go by to darn quickly! I need some chunksters!

Quixotic said...

I think you're right Chris, every time I impose a ban, I end up buying more...

I too tend to buy more books when I'm uneasy or down, in need of comfort.