Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Overwhelmed With Cool Stuff!

So first of all, I get home and see that I won the contest for Carl's Once Upon a Time Challenge and will be the recipient of an Endicott Studio Tshirt and a signed Print from Terri Windling. How frickin cool! I chose Tree Woman and Child. I love that print. It's beautiful. Congrats to Quixotical and Marina as well, two more winners! By the way...Endicott Studio is a wonderful thing and they donate to a lot of children's charities and need money to continue to support themselves. I highly recommend that if you have a little extra, contribute to them. In return for your contributions you can get beautiful Terri Windling prints and Endicott Studio tshirts that are really cool!

Then, I got my grab bag from Subterranean Press. I ordered one of these $99 grab bags and was hoping that I wasn't getting ripped off. I definitely didn't get ripped off. 9 beautiful, mostly signed and numbered editions came very quickly worth over $450 dollars. Wow. Here's what I got:

Charles Stross' Missile Gap (Deluxe Hardcover Edition)
David J. Schow's Havoc Swims Jaded (Deluxe Hardcover Edition)
The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg (This one's gorgeous!)
Dead Names: The Dark History of the Necronomicon by Simon (Signed, Limited, Numbered)
Kealan Patrick Burke's Currency of Souls (Signed, Hardcover, Numbered)
Tim Powers' A Soul in a Bottle (Signed, Limited, Numbered)
James P. Blaylock's 13 Phantasms (Chapbook)
Peter Crowther's The Spaces Between The Lines (Deluxe, Numbered, Hardcover)
Terry Lamsley's Made Ready & Cupboard Love (Signed, Limited, Numbered)

Ready for this one......I nearly lost my breath when I saw it:

Mirromask by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean (Signed, Limited, Numbered, and BEAUTIFUL)

I know this book alone costs $125 because I thought of buying it (but couldn't bring myself to since I already have the regular copy). I was blown away that they put this in a grab bag. All of the books sound great.

And finally, I also got an Email from offering me a free book. I chose Storm Front by Jim Butcher (The first in the Dresden series). They're a really great site! I checked them out. You type in the book, cd, game or dvd that you're looking for and they show you a list of different retailers and who has what for the best price. Great tool for us book buying addicts! :D

What a great treat of a day after complaining about losing all of my books yesterday! Gotta love that positive karma :)


Carl V. said...

You need to go out and buy a lottery ticket RIGHT NOW!!! ;) Congrats on the haul. That is fantastic about the Mirrormask book. I love 13 Phantasms, it is a great story. You'll have to post a picture of your stuff!

Chris said...

Seriously...I think I do, lol. I'll def. be posting a pic soon!

Stephanie said...

You dog!! I debated and debated on that Grab Bag, and I just couldn't bring myself to buy one. I'm stressed for bucks right now.

I do like Of course, I didn't get such a great pick of a freebie!!

Congrats on a GREAT day!!

Chris said...

Stephanie, I'm stressed for the bucks right now too...badly! But I still threw them my money, and all is well that ends well :)

They said they just added the Dresden book. My other choices were The Time Traveler's Wife which I already own but haven't read or Water for Elephants. Dresden seemed most up my alley. Thanks!

aichaku-愛着 said...

Oh my goodness gracious!!!!! What a wonderful bunch of STUFF! Congratulations - most especially Mirrormask only because I'm so wanting that one too. :D

Chris said...

Thanks Aichaku...I'm very happy :D I'm telling you, I nearly passed out when I saw the Mirrormask book at the bottom of the stack!

Bookfool said...

I agree with Carl. :)

Chris said...

Pictures coming and lottery ticket being bought on the way to work!

Quixotic said...

Congrats Chris! What an awesome day *grin*

Am most envious of your new Mirrormask edition! Lucky you!

Quixotic said...

Oh and great choice of print btw - that is the one I would choose!

Chris said...

Thanks Quix. It was a good day indeed. I loved that print! By far my favorite of the group.

Stephanie said...

Hey Chris.....You know...when you changed your picture, I went back and read your profile a little more closely. I think we might be related!! You remind me a LOT of my little brother (who is actually about the same age). When I saw the Bauhaus and Love & Rockets....SQUEEE!! A man after my own heart!!

Quixotic said...

And so now I've checked out your profile too. *grin* We like a lot of the same music it would seem!

Nymeth said...

That is a beautiful print you chose!

And that Mirrormask book sounds wonderful!

And I I went to check your profile as well - you have awesome taste in music! Normally people who share my taste in music don't like the kind of books I like, and people who like the books I like don't share my taste in music. It's nice to see someone who shares both!

Amy Reads said...

Hi Chris,
Some friends of ours gave Mr. Reads and me the Best Wedding Present Ever.
A copy of Endless Nights, signed by Mr. Gaiman, wishing us "good luck with the whole 'marriage' thing."

So I understand the squee over Gaiman signed books :)

Congrats on your haul! And the Dresden book is fantastic. Enjoy!

Chris said...

Haha...what can I say Stephanie, great minds think alike ;)

Quix...I've noticed that before from your blog. We do have similar music tastes! We're just cool like that :D

Nymeth...Same here..I seldom find people with the same music tastes AND book tastes as me. Always fun when I do find them though :)

Chris said...

That's awesome Amy! Great gift. I'm looking forward to the Dresden book too...I think I've read about it on your blog actually!

booklogged said...

Chris, I'm tickled for you. I can't believe your luck. It must have felt like Christmas to open all your goodies. Wheee Haaaa!

Bookfool said...

Yippee for you! And, I agree with Carl. ;)

Chris said...

Booklogged, oh it was just like Christmas at 5 years old ;)

Literacy-chic said...

WOW! Have you told anyone I know about the Mirrormask? That's awesome! I couldn't believe it when I read that!! Pretty amazing stuff.

Chris said...

Hey N, I told Megan about's oh so cool! I love it!