Monday, March 12, 2007

I Don't Like Mondays

I'm not a big Friends fan, but I'm watching the episode right now where Monica and Rachel are educating Chandler on how to "please" a woman with the "2,4,6...2,4,6, 7...7...777". That gets me laughing everytime.

I hate Mondays with a passion which is why I don't answer my cell phones on Monday afternoons (sorry Jroy). I tend to just be miserable and make people angry when I talk with them on Mondays. If I was just at the hospital, I would be fine. But I have to get reamed at school after that and then sit through supervision after that....doesn't make for a good day.

What does make for a good day is that I got the 6 book series of Spiderman Blue in the mail today illustrated by Tim Sale. He's such an incredible artist and I love the covers of all 6 books. His art was also great for Daredevil: Yellow, a series that I remember loving, but haven't read in a long time. If the storyline is as good as Daredevil was, I'll be very pleased. Review forthcoming whenever I get around to reading them. As it is, I'm still reading the 250 pg Stardust after a week. I get no reading time to myself anymore. No time period.

I'll be more social tomorrow, or if not tomorrow then Wednesday.

A quite vulgar thing was just said to me, and I'll leave you with this. "I'm pissed at you. You ate my damn panini". Just sounds dirty, doesn't it.


Carl V. said...

Mondays are never my favorite, either. I made this Monday a little better by squeezing in as much Elder Scrolls: Oblivion as I possibly could.

Look forward to your thoughts on both Stardust and Spiderman Blue. Love Stardust and really enjoyed Blue.

Amy Reads said...

Hi Chris,
I just read Spider-Man Blue and hot damn, is it fantastic. Quite well done, and utterly *gorgeous*. As Carl said, can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Michelle said...

haha your gross