Wednesday, March 14, 2007

But I do Like Wednesdays

Just a quick catch up. Megan's in town and that makes me very happy. She's only in until Sunday, but at least it's some time that we get together. Tonight was nice. I met her after work, we went and got some chinese from our old favorite take out place, ate it by candlelight on the floor at her house, and then went target shopping where we bought more junk food. That was followed by just driving around and listening to music and showing off all of my fun Dave McKean things that I've bought since the last time she was in town. He's pretty much her favorite artist. They have very similar styles. Megan's big into collage/paint/sketch art, and McKean uses that same combination. A very simple night, but exactly what I needed.

Didn't get to see 300 as planned, but we will make it out to the theater soon. Tonight was just not enough time for a movie. Still haven't finished Stardust. I've been dying to finish it up (only like 20 pages left) but unfortunately, my life doesn't even allow me the 10 minutes it would take to do that. Maybe I'll just stay up late tonight and suffer tomorrow.

Tomorrow is nerve racking. My faculty supervisor is coming to observe me at the hospital and meeting with my supervisor. I'm pretty confident that all will go well, but still nervous nonetheless.

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