Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Very Gloomy Day

I woke up this morning expecting to see sunshine, what I got instead was that annoying rain that's slightly above a drizzle, yet not quite a relaxing thunderstorm. Rain that just plain stinks! In addition to that, the wonderful chill in the air has been replaced with humidity.

The internship was very strange today. Since we're an acute care unit, the clients were all completely new to me since I haven't been there since last Thursday. The weather was definitely reflected in the staff's attitudes. Everyone seemed to have a very short fuse today. I picked a bad day for not wanting to be there, because their moods just made my day feel that much longer.

My supervisor can be really tough to get along with sometimes. She's a great woman, I really like her, but she has this very blunt, harsh side to her as well. I didn't like her my first few days there, but the more you get to know her, the more you like her. Today was a blunt, harsh supervisor day. She was very short with me at times for things that I didn't know how to do. In addition to that, I always feel bad asking her to sign any paperwork for me because I feel like I'm putting her out. She didn't really choose to be my supervisor, she was more appointed to do so. So now, in a few weeks, I have to get her to fill out a mid semester evaluation that's like 5 pages long and I know she's going to hate it. We'll see. I'll try not to worry about that for now.

In good news, I got to do my first individual session with one of the children today. We normally don't do individual therapy, but there is only 1 kid in the children's (ages 4-11) group. So the group counseling session turned into an individual session. I feel like it went great. I had no problem getting to the 30 minute mark like I thought I would and the kid opened up to me alot.

Now I'll lay in bed and catch up on tv. Then later I have to pack more boxes for the move. At least this is a short week....

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Jessica said...

Sorry about the gloomy day here. It was 80 degrees here and beautiful and I actually got up at 430 and went to the gym! Whoo hoo!