Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Harlequins and Pumpkins

I finally own a piece of art from Lisa Snellings-Clark. I own a couple of her little red poppets but I've been wanting a one of a kind, original piece of art. And that's exactly what I won tonight on Ebay. I won a Harlequin named "Lucient" who is incredible. I can't wait to get him and hang him on the wall. I tried bidding on quite a few of her unique poppets, but they all went way too high for my budget. "Sympatico", one of my faves, sold for $335! They all sold for a pretty penny, and I'm sure they're all worth it. Unfortunately, the pockets just don't go deep enough for me. Congrats to everyone who won some of Lisa's wonderful art!

In other, semi-art related news (music is an art), the Smashing Pumpkins announced their 6th studio album today entitled "Zeitgeist." It is due to be released on 07/07/07. I can't wait for this one. I saw them in concert in 1995 and it was such a great show. I was disappointed to hear that they had broken up awhile back, but now they're back together and a new album and tour is on the way. They have announced tour dates in other countries, most of them being in Europe, but none have been announced for the U.S. Can't wait to see them again. I really want to know who's in the band now, but they are being very mysterious about it. Obviously, Billy Corgan is still the singer, and I know that Jimmy Chamberlin is still on drums, and I'm hoping that James Iha is back on guitar, but who knows. I can live without D'arcy though. I thought she was hot when I was a teenage boy, but so did every other teenage boy I knew. Just hope that whoever's in the band, it's just as good as the Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness days. We shall see.


Carl V. said...

Congrats, that is awesome! Yesterday afternoon I looked at Sympatico and it was only up to $60 and I thought I might bid on it. I then prompty forgot about it. Guess it didn't matter after all considering the going price!

Chris said...

I know. It stayed at about $60 until the last 10 minutes...then, whoa!