Saturday, February 10, 2007

Forest Rogers added to the blogroll

Wanted to let everyone know about an artist that I found through Endicott's blog named Forest Rogers. I've never seen his work before. It's incredible. From his website, it looks like he does beautiful sculptures of fairies, mermaids, and other fantasy creatures along with what he calls "liturgical work." He is apparently painting a mural in a Russian orthodox cathedral. Beautiful Work. He keeps an online blog which shows updates on his work and the creative process.

For those who live in New York, his work can be seen at Magnum Opus, a collection of art dolls located at The Divine Studio. Details of that show at Endicott's blog. One of Rogers' dolls, the fairy pictured above is up for auction on ebay right now and is over $600 with 2 days left still. Well worth it, but out of my range.

There is another doll maker named Beth Robinson that I found awhile ago. Her doll line is called "strange dolls" and can be seen here. All of her dolls are handmade and are well worth the low price that she asks for them.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Carl V. said...

I saw that same link on Endicott today and now that I've popped over from your link I realize that I have seen Forest Rogers work before. Love his stuff, especially his Mermaids. This stuff is especially interesting to look at having just come from seeing Pan's Labyrinth again. Wanted to take my wife and really wanted to see it again in the theatre.

Beth Robinson's stuff looks familiar as well. I really like the bird people. Her work is actually quite reasonable.

Thanks for the links.

Chris said...

No prob. I've known Beth's work for a while. I agree with you, her birds are my favorite. I want to buy one one of these days. She uses owl skulls for the faces. Pretty damn cool.