Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the Oscar Goes to....

The Oscars kept me up past my bedtime tonight, so I guess a few minutes to tell my thoughts on them won't hurt....

Guess I'll be seeing the Departed. It won the big two so I guess I'll check it out. I didn't think I'd like it too much, but then again I didn't think I'd like Million Dollar Baby when it won and it was great. I'd also really like to see The Queen and Volver...they both look great.

Pan's Labyrinth: I'm so proud of that movie. It won Best Art Direction, Achievement in Makeup, and Best Cinematography. You look at those categories and it's obvious that Pan's Labyrinth deserves all of those awards. Hands down, an incredible film. I would've liked to see it win more, but I was happy it got what it did. I definitely would've liked to see it win best original score. That music was so haunting and every time I hear it I fall right back into that movie.

I would've liked to see Children of Men win best Film Editing or something along those lines. That was such a terrific movie and I don't see how film editing gets much better than that.

I was so glad to see Marie Antoinette win Best Costume Design. I thought that was such a great movie, but I'm very partial to Sofia Coppola, she's an amazing director. I was glad to see it win something and would've been very surprised if it hadn't won that award.

It was great to see Jennifer Hudson win best supporting actress. You can just see the passion in her and she's such a humble person. I haven't seen Dream Girls and probably won't, but that performance was great. Beyonce just keeps impressing me at these award shows. I was shocked that it didn't win best original song, but then again, surprise surprise, Melissa Etheridge wins for An Inconvenient Truth. Could we scream Political Statement a little louder? And of course, An Inconvenient Truth also won best Documentary.

Go Helen Mirren! She's such a great actress and it was great to see her win Best Actress. I can't wait to see The Queen. Looks like she did an incredible job.

Ellen did a great job hosting. I love Ellen, she's just an awesome person all around and has the best sense of humor. Good choice there to have her host.

Other things I enjoyed about tonight:

- Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire presenting together. A definite shout out to all of us comic fans.
- Robert Downey Jr.'s joke about himself
- The dance troupe that did all of those really cool silhouettes
- The sound effects choir


Carl V. said...

Yes, Pan's Labyrinth should have definitely won in all its categories. It was cool that the first two Oscars went to it though, really set the tone for my evening anyway.

Was glad Marie Antoinette won. Can't believe, as big of a Kirsten Dunst fan that I am, that I haven't seen this. I need to grab it on DVD.

Ellen Degeneres was great! This was a nice, mostly clean, entertaining Oscars. Probably too tame for some people's tastes, but very enjoyable to me.

Chris said...

I'd definitely recommend Marie Antoinette. Many have complained that it's not historically accurate and not fair, but I disagree. Coppola's goal was not to portray history persay, but rather, to portray Marie Antoinette as a person, a young person thrown into the role of a Queen. It was a beautiful movie. I'm also a big fan of Kirsten Dunst. She's great. Have you seen The Virgin Suicides? That's another movie by Sofia Coppola starring Kirsten Dunst.

Carl V. said...

I haven't seen The Virgin Suicides. I really should see it. I tend to really like Kirsten Dunst in the sappy, romantic roles. Love her in Get Over It, in Wimbeldon, in the Spiderman films...Bring It On was a terrible film but she was so cute in it...Eternal Sunshine. I need to see a few more of her more 'serious' films. I'll be picking up Marie thanks to your reminder and recommendation.