Friday, January 5, 2007

What's wrong with this city

There's one thing that always gets me about this city...ok, one of many things..what's with the murders here? This city is struggling so hard to come back, to make a name for itself again. Katrina was our chance to start over, to keep the good reputation and get rid of the bad, but alas, we've fallen back into our same old pattern, if not worse.

As of yesterday, there were already 6 murders in new orleans. Now I know I heard about at least 2 more on the news today which brings the count to 8 on the fifth day of the year. And it's not localized. A taxi driver who had just become a proud grandfather was shot last night on the westbank. A body was found in the 9th ward 2 days ago. In the Marigny yesterday, a young woman (a new orleans filmmaker) was shot in her home and killed and then her husband was shot while protecting his baby but luckily did not die.

This city really needs to get it's act together. We have so much to offer the nation, so much to offer the world. And so much recovering to do still. But we'll never recover at this rate. Who wants to visit a city where your life is put at risk just for standing on a street. No motives to these murderers for the most part. We're finally starting to build a reputation for ourselves again, but trust me, it's not a good one. Lets show the world our music, our food, our uniqueness, our art, our life...not our crime.


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