Friday, January 5, 2007

Sleepy sleepy sleepy

I've been so tired lately and I don't know why. I can never wake up, or rather I can get out of bed, just not become alive. Hopefully I'll get used to this this semester. I'm going to have to get up for 6:00 every morning to make it River Oaks for 8:00. Hopefully this will give me time to take a shower, get dressed, make it to PJ's and then make it to River Oaks. I think that about half way through the semester I'll finally adjust to this. Hopefully!

Next semester just freaks me out:

Monday: Counseling in the free clinic from 1:30-7:30
Tuesday: River Oaks from 8:00-4:30; Ethics class from 5:30-8:30
Wednesday: River Oaks from 8:00-5:30
Thursday: River Oaks from 8:00-5:30
Friday: River Oaks from 8:00-5:30
Saturday: (sometimes) River Oaks from 8:00-til; PCA Job (real money) from 1:00-9:00
Sunday: Homework day and my "day off"

I'm very excited though that I'm going to be on the Child & Adolescent unit. However, today during my background check I was told "good luck, you'll need it" and then told that if the lady who runs the unit ever left, my supervisor would "eat his gun". Wow! that's encouraging, especially coming from a psychiatric facility. I was also told that if I ever needed to put someone in restraints, it would def. be on the adolescent unit. Hopefully it is not as eventful as it sounds. Either way, I think it'll be cool. I have a feeling that I'm going to have lots of surprises next semester.


Nicole said...

You NEED to see this! It's posted on a friend of mine's blog (sorry I didn't do the fancy link thing--I forgot how):

Nicole said...

O.K., my first try didn't work, so here it is: Bart Simpson Makes Fun of Grad Students posted on Mommy Ph.D.'s blog

Chris Howard said...

haha! that's great. now putting it on my blog ;)

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