Monday, January 15, 2007

She's not ACTUALLY the queen

I'm watching the Golden Globes, and I just had to tell someone about this, so I'll tell the entire world. Does everyone know that Helen Mirren is not actually the queen of England. Yes, Helen Mirren is an extraordinary actress, but good Lord, they've really made this show into the Helen Mirren show. Everyone who gets up there talks about her like she's royalty.

It seems to be a very British awards show. Jeremy Irons won, and some BBC America miniseries that I've never seen keeps winning. Interesting. And now I'm just disappointed because Alec Baldwin (whom I can't stand) just beat Zach Braff of Scrubs and The Garden State fame for best comedy tv actor. psht..


Carl V. said...

I haven't seen either movie she won for but have to admit that I love Helen Mirren. I think she is beautiful and classy and I'm alright with her wins.

Chris said...

Oh, I am too by all means. It was just humorous because it almost turned into Helen Mirren Night. But definitely agreed...a great actress!