Monday, January 15, 2007

And a few fun things...

I've come across a few things on the internet this week that I decided readers may enjoy:

1. There are a bunch of really cool things that has up for auction on ebay. Here is the link to their current auctions. Lots of rare first editions signed by Neil Gaiman and the proceeds go to their charitable organization. Check them out.

2. I've become a big fan of Stainless Steel Dropping's blog. He does this little thing on Fridays called "Friday Favorites" in which he shows his readers some of his favorite artwork (lot's of Sci-Fi goodness). This week he focused on an artist by the name of Stephan Martiniere. This guys artwork is amazing! His website is also really cool and features 2 books that you can buy that embody alot of his art. The art books are only $19.95 which is a steal to me. Check him out.

3. Another thing found on Neil Gaiman's blog is this website. It's kind of an everything sci-fi and fantasy kind of website. On the website, they are asking people to vote for up to ten of their favorite sci-fi/fantasy books of 2006. Their previous year's lists have some very good books attached to them. Go vote!

4. Finally, I found an incredible publisher through Orson Scott Card that offers rare, limited, signed, and numbered books. Some really cool titles. The publisher is Subterranean Press and their website is here. Lots of cool stuff for book lovers!

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Carl V. said...

Thanks for the kind words and the site mention. I really enjoy doing the Friday Favorites and am glad for everyone's input, either for or against.

Here's a link to a new SF site I found the other day: