Friday, January 12, 2007

Crawfish and oddities

I had my first crawfish of the season today and they were deeeeeelicious. Met up with angela and chris at Village Inn for lunch. They were a tad bit salty, but I love salt, so no complaining too much. I may be complaining later as I continue to swell to the size of a blimp from all of the salt.

1. While I was driving down Veterans Highway today, I noticed that the grass around the canal was a different shade of green than it normally is. A darker green. Thought this was very odd. As I continued to drive down, I noticed a giant truck that was spray painting all of the grass green. My question is, are my tax dollars going to the government so that we can spray paint grass a different shade of it's natural color? What sense does this make? And why now of all times. I believe parades (mardi gras parades for those not from new orleans) start this weekend, so why would you spray paint all of the grass that people will be standing on? Why spray paint it at all? And hell, why not just make it hot pink....make it interesting at least if you're really going to waste my money on that.

2. Why are undergrads driving Acuras these days? A good friend of mine whom I've known since high school pulled up to PJ's today in a brand spankin new '07 black acura. I know there's no way he's paying for this. Guessing mom and dad are taking care of that. But seriously, an Acura?! In high school his parents bought him a forerunner which apparantley died. But why not give him a civic or something. I don't know that I'll be able to afford an Acura even after I finish my master's.


Jessica said...

Andrew got an acura???

Chris said...

yep...lucky bastard

Literacy-chic said...

You can keep the Acura. Send me the crawfish! ;)

Kali said...

so i was wondering the same thing in my last year at uno. i mean, when i graduated, i got an eclipse...yeah, brand new...but an eclipse. not going to break the bank. so of course i got really jealous of all these soroity girls (at uno, weird...) driving BMWs, mercedes (that was most popular), and even a freakin' land rover!! what is this world coming to? i really just want to be able to buy a 4-door after i accord...the one i want costs less than my eclipse did almost 5 years ago...and i probably won't be able to afford that. its a shame that i'm going to have to put off having children until i can afford a car that they will fit in!! makes me sick