Tuesday, January 9, 2007

8 Hours of my life are gone

So today was the "new staff orientation" at the new internship. It lasted the full 8 hours, starting at 8 AM and needless to say, it was a waste of my life. The group consisted of 8 new interns, and 3 new employees. This is where the fun part comes in. The entire orientation was about insurance, paperwork, i.e. real employee stuff. We were flat out told that none of this pertains to the interns but we have to stay anyway. After we complete our internship, if we accept a position, we then have to sit through it again.

Mediocre...no, bad coffee was offered as a consolation for being there.

The only part that did pertain to us was the section on service excellence. This taught you how to interact with people as a human with a smile stuck on their face. I'm getting my master's in counseling...trust me, I know how to deliver excellent customer service skills. Though one would never know it reading my angry blog.

But alas, I have tomorrow to look forward to for round 2 of orientation. Tomorrow is the day I learn how to put people into restraints, which may be fun. I also don't have to be there until 10:15 because I already have my CPR certification. And when I do get there at 10:15 in the morning, I get a TB test and a Flu shot. Yay! two needles.

I have a wonderful drawing that we did today representing my idea of what service excellence is. If I get motivated, I'll post it later. Oh, it's good.

OK....so here's our wonderful example of service excellence. The assignment was to draw what service excellence is without adding words. Sooo...If you always wear a smile and give an honestly happy face to your client, plus add that extra hint of quality and excellence (that's supposed to be a diamond)...you get a bunch of happy customers. isn't that special.

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