Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Readathon Vlog!

This Saturday is Dewey's Readathon!! I used to do vlogs for each readathon but got out of the habit somewhere along the way. Debi emailed me the other day reminding me of those and asking if I was going to do one, so here it is! Me in all of my awkward, rambling, prereadathon glory. Please excuse my being all over the place :p What are you reading this Saturday? Any chance you'll do a vlog too?


Bookfool said...

I still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to participate. There is so much going on around here! That's a good thing, just FYI. Well, you know the best part of it, of course.

Chris, if you have time, peek at my latest review: Me On the Floor, Bleeding. I have a feeling you'd like that book. There was another book I read recently that made me think of you. When I remember it, I'll come tell you!

Maree said...

Chrissssssssss your faaaaaaaaace and I love your accent still! :D I was thinking of maybe re-reading The Graveyard Book for readathon, I'm still on the fence. I was also thinking of doing a vlog, I'll have to see. :D :D

Debi said...

You're so awesome!!! Thank you! :D Looks like a great pool of books, Chris! Definitely an RIP-theme going there for the most part. Mine too for the most part (though I don't know its "exact" composition yet). So now that you've got the book portion prepared, what's in the snack pool? :P
Soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!

Bookfool said...

Just finally managed to watch the video (busy week). You're adorable. You really, really need to get the second and third books in the Last Policeman series because you'll want to continue after reading the first. I'm pretty sure I still have an extra copy of #2, Countdown City. READ YOUR COMMENTS so I can be generous and send it to you!!!!! <3

Chris Howard said...

Nancy, :p I always read my comments I'm just really really awful about replying to them sometimes :/ But I'm trying to be better about blogging and commenting and REPLYING to comments too! I've heard really great things from everyone that's read those books! Sounds like I'm in for a treat huh? And totally understandable if you can't readathon :) You have much more important things to attend to!! I'll be off to your blog in a sec!!

Mareeeeeee!!! I thought of you as soon as I made a vlog :) I thought to myself "I so hope that Maree makes a vlog too!" Because I love your accent so much and I just love your vlogs :) I could watch them every day :) So please do!!

Debs, Yep, I'm doing almost all RIP books this year! Oh my snack pool is ridiculous :p there is absolutely nothing healthy about it, lol. There IS rotel dip!! You've made that a tradition for me :p

Bookfool said...

Ha, well, I'll forgive you for being slow to reply since you're a busy guy. ;)

Yep, you're in for a treat. I think what I loved most about The Last Policeman is Hank Palace's attitude. The end of the world is coming but he figures he might as well just get on with life. Love that. The first book is really witty, the second slow for a while and then it gets very exciting, the third incredibly moving. It's a great series.

It would be silly for me to attempt readathon, even if I wasn't overwhelmed with things to do. NOTHING is grabbing me. I know you know how awful that is. I think maybe the book I picked up last night will be the one that sticks but can't say for sure. I'll see when I pick it up, later today.

Trish said...

Oh hi sweet boy!! I'll be doing Graveyard Book, too. Well...we'll see. My expectations for the day are LOW. ;)

Can't wait to readathon with you!!

Chris Howard said...

Trish, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm so glad that you're readathoning :D :D :D That just made my night! AND I'm glad that you're reading The Graveyard book :D