Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Dewey's Readathon Day!

Hey everyone!! Ready for 24 hours of reading, caffeine consumption, snacking, blogging, and even more reading all in Dewey's memory? I know I am! I'm extremely sleep deprived so excuse any craziness that comes out of my mouth today. I tried to go to bed at 10:30 last night and my body thought it was taking a nap. I think I woke up every hour and finally got out of bed at 4. I might have gotten 4 hours of sleep, lol. I see a nap in my future today!

I don't even know how many readathons I've participated in at this point. I could go and look it up, but frankly I'm too lazy to do that. My first readathon was the second that Dewey hosted and I've done every one since that. I remember watching everyone participate in the very first one that Dewey hosted and really regretting that I hadn't participated so I jumped in halfway through and read for about 8 hours. In the middle of everything else, Dewey took the time to come comment on my posts that I wrote during those 8 hours. She made everyone feel special. I really miss that lady. I love how many people she's continued to touch through events like this. It sort of takes my breath away when I think of how many people continue to "meet" Dewey even after she's been gone almost 6 years now. That's hard to believe that it's been that long :( I want to start out the day by thanking Heather and Andi from the bottom of my heart for once again putting so much time and energy and LOVE into this event, making it something that Dewey would be so proud of. Thank you ladies.

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