Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Have Been....10/9/13

Writing: Lots of thoughts lately....personal thoughts of personal journeys that have really helped me move forward from the crap that's happened a few weeks ago. I haven't been writing many blog posts lately sadly, BUT that seems to be coming back more and more and I feel my old self starting to come back too. Good stuff :)

Reading: Good stuff!!! I finished More Than This by Patrick Ness today and I don't even know if I can review that book! This may be the closest I can get right now. It was just such an emotional book and so freaking incredible. And refreshing. I couldn't even finish his last novel, The Crane's Wife, so I was nervous going into this one, but was just as good as anything else he's written that I loved. I loved these characters so much and in typical Ness fashion, he ripped the fuck out of my heart. But I've learned that he doesn't do that just to be a sadist :p No, he has a purpose for doing these things and he does it so exquisitely. I already miss these characters so much.

I'm also reading the new standalone prequel that Mike Carey just released to The Unwritten, called Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice and it is AWESOME and for personal reasons, I started a book by Norman Rosenthal called The Gift of Adversity which is quite good as well :)

Listening: Right now I'm REALLY into Lorde's new album!! Have you guys heard this yet? It's REALLY good! I just found out today that she's only 16 too! I had no idea! She has a really awesome sound that's super fresh and I'm really enjoying it. I'm also really loving Haim's album that just came out. They have this sound that reminds me of the 80's a little bit, but it super right now at the same time. They're fantastic!

Watching: I have a bit of an obsession with Revenge right now. I started watching it because it has Rebecca from Brothers and Sisters in it (or Emily Vancamp if we're going to use real names :p). It's super over the top and can be quite unbelievable with really bad acting at times, but I'm addicted. And Emily Vancamp really is a superb actress. I've always loved her. Also really loving Project Runway and hoping like hell that Helen wins!!!! And then I'm SO EXCITED that the new American Horror Story starts tonight!! And it was filmed here in New Orleans :)

Looking: Hmm...I'm looking for a lot right now. I'm looking for things to just calm down for me in general I think. I'm looking for my anxiety to go away. Looking for things to go back to normal. Though I'm feeling better and better every day...I really am. I know this is all cryptic and I apologize for that, but it's not something I can talk about publicly. But the one thing I've learned from the events of a few weeks ago that HAS been good is to seize each day and make the most of it. And I've been trying to do that rather that FEAR each day. It's a struggle, but a struggle that's very much worth it.

Learning: See above. Like I said, I'm learning to make the most out of each day of my life. I'm learning that you get one shot at this. That each day is a day worth not just living but TRULY living. Make each day count. Let something special in each day. It's not worth it to let misery overcome you every day when you have control over it. Sometimes we don't and we can't control that. But when we have opportunities to embrace life, we should.

Feeling: Better...less I'm starting to move forward which I wasn't seeing for a long time! I'm getting excited about blogging again which is something I haven't felt in a long time. That's an awesome feeling! I hope it's contagious ;)

Anticipating: READATHON!!!!!! Dewey's Readathon is this Saturday and I cannot tell you how excited I am about it :D Is everyone reading along??? Please please please tell me yes :D Even if you can't go the whole 24 hours, I say treat yourself to some extended time this Saturday when you have it just to sit back with a book and read your heart away with a cup of coffee or whatever your drink of choice is, a yummy snack, a comfy reading spot and enjoy yourself just like Dewey envisioned it years ago :) I love it when we can all come together to do stuff like this.

Wishing: That things just keep getting better. That this weather doesn't leave any time soon. That I had the ability to speed read yet still be able to savor every moment of a book because I have WAY too many that I want to read!!

Loving: My family. My friends. All of you. This community. My books. My music. Coffee. (I didn't change this from the last time I did one of these :)) The one thing I'll add is this gorgeous weather! Fall has finally arrived in New Orleans. The highs have been in the 70s and the humidity has been low and it's been wonderful to be outside. I spent today out by the lakefront finishing the Patrick Ness book...below is a picture of the bench that I sat on to read. The picture at the top of this post was my view from the bench. I could happily go sit there every day...

Would love to hear what everyone else has been up to!


Susan said...

Love your post, Chris, and I'm so happy you are beginning to feel more your self again. It's been such a stressful summer for so many people, and almost everyone I know had some kind of anxiety attack this year too (myself included). I think I'm getting back to feeling more myself, now too, which is good. I have learned that I need to take more time on the weekends for just myself and my family, and cut down on activities outside the home. I think I'm becoming more reclusive as I age! lol

I'm hoping to read on Saturday but can't be in the readathon - it's our Thanksgiving weekend that weekend. But Doctor Sleep is calling and I am determined to sit down and read as long as I can on Saturday afternoon and evening! My treat before turkey and trimmings to cook the following days.

I wish I could give you a hug, I'm so happy you are feeling more happiness now. And reading again. That's the best news!

Jeane said...

Hey Chris it's good to hear from you again. I hope things level out for you and calm down some. So sorry to hear how stressful it's been.

I don't do the readathon (just not practical w/two kids) but sometimes cheer from the sidelines. I'm very glad of the cooler fall weather, too. Today it is raining and strange as that may seem to some people, rain lifts my spirits.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're moving back toward normal. I hope you have plenty of calming people and activities around you in the upcoming weeks.

Keep us posted on AHS: Coven, pls! I have never watched a season of the show yet, and I kind of want to watch this one, but I'm afraid the accents will be too terrible and they won't talk about Louisiana the right way and I'll just get angry about it.

HOW GOOD was More Than This? I know Patrick Ness can't keep on releasing books at the rate he's been doing, but it would make me very happy if he did.

Beth F said...

A prequel to UNWRITTEN??? Must track that down.

And we too started watching Revenge b/c of Rebecca from B&S. We are watching via streaming and haven't watched the last season yet.