Friday, April 26, 2013

Ain't No Party Like A Readathon Party

I am officially worn out. I've spent today frantically getting everything ready so that tomorrow could just be a day to relax, read, celebrate Dewey, stuff my face with junk food, and enjoy the company of my friends :) I can happily say that I am now officially prepared for Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon!

This is what I'll be reading:

This is where I'll be reading from:

And this is all the CRAP that I'll be eating :p...well not all of it, but the readathon is a day where I just let myself indulge in crap food all day long ;) :

 And I may have made another lemon meringue pie too >> Can't wait to join in the reading fun with everyone tomorrow :)


Vasilly said...

Yeah I see you crashing tomorrow from all of that sugar! :-) I'm still not ready for the read-a-thon tomorrow. *sigh* I think you're going to really enjoy Eleanor & Park and Bird. Happy reading!

Debi said...

Your book pile grew a little there. :) Hey--it's not all bad, the grapes are healthy. :P

Have fun darlin'!!! Can't wait to talk to you today!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Melanie said...

flipping through everyone's blogs, the Gaiman book seems to be a popular choice. I get to meet him in July! Have fun reading!