Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Rambling About Nothing In Particular Type Post

Ever feel like just blogging about nothing? I do sometimes...if you hate these types of post, feel free to skip this one :p Ever since I got my Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas I've been on a baking kick! At my sister's request, I'm making some Mexican wedding cookies right now, but the dough has to chill for three hours in the fridge, so I figured I'd come write about everything and nothing. Let's start with the Mexican wedding cookies. There's a reason I'm making these.

We grew up with these cookies. There once was a bakery in New Orleans called McKenzies. If you're from New Orleans you know all about it. It's synonymous with the city and it's so sorely missed. You can find tshirts with the McKenzies logo at any local tshirt shop. They had amazing donuts and cookies and brownies and buttermilk drops and king cakes and lady fingers and jelly rolls and anything else you could think of that was baked. My aunt Shirley used to pick me and my sister up from school on Fridays and every Friday we'd go straight to McKenzies and each pick out a treat. One of us would always get their version of the Mexican wedding cookie. Basically the same, only made with pecans instead of almonds because there's no shortage of pecan trees here in New Orleans! I'll always equate these cookies with my childhood and with my aunt Shirley and with my sister and with the city. And of course I'm making them with pecans instead of almonds ;)

After I write this post, I think I'll do some long overdue blog hopping and then maybe curl up with a book for a little while!!! Once again I'm in the middle of way too many books. I don't know why I do this to myself. But I'm really loving everything I'm reading now so I can't put anything aside. I just have to get them all done by February because I want a clean slate for then!! For long awaited reads month, I'm reading The 10 P.M. Question and I'm SO in love with this book and I wish I HADN'T waited so long to read this book. Ana and Iris, I totally think you should make a part two for this event and make it a twice a year thing :p I've also started Lenore's Level 2 and OMG it's so good!!! I'm absolutely loving it. It's completely unique which is so refreshing in today's market and it leaves me saying "ok...just one more chapter". And then there's The Open Road which is my work book which has sadly been neglected because work has been so busy :/ Plus on top of those three, I have Ray Bradbury's giant 100 story collection going, though I haven't read a story in it since November I think :/ AND I just started the audiobook of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking which I'm already enjoying.

February will be a month of nothing but graphic novels!!!!! I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED about February :D I'm joining Debi this year in her themed reading months in an effort to read more from my own shelves and I've pulled um...something like 50 graphic novels from my shelves >> I would LOVE to get them all read but we'll see how that goes. I'm making one exception and that is to read The Shining for the Shinealong!!! So excited about that :D

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day with my mom and my sister who are coming up here on the northshore. They haven't been to my apartment since I first moved here! So they haven't seen it since it's been decorated so I'm excited about that. Plans for the day are to start with coffee, then I want to show them a few of the houses I'm looking at because I'm back in the market to buy! I want to get their opinion on the areas and the houses so I can fine tune things. Then my sister wants to shop, so I have a few areas I think they'll like that we can visit. After that we'll have some lunch at Jerk's Island Grill which is this AMAZING Carribean restaurant here. Seriously, if anyone wants to come visit me here, I'll totally treat us to lunch there :p

How's everyone else doing? Anything special happen in anyone's lives this weekend?


Susan said...

Wonderful post, Chris! I love the sound of the cookies and the Louisiana history lesson :-) LOVE that you are reading Graphic Novels in February! 50 of them, eh? lol Plus the Shining, which I have to go see if I can join in too.

I hope you have a lovely day with your mother and sister. I will totally take you up on your offer when I get down there, which I will one day!

DesLily said...

well you sound very upbeat with this post! I am glad you are enjoying all the reads you are into I've never even tried to read more than one book at a time lol.. I know mom and sis will love your apartment.. you are good at decorating as you are at baking!!

ohhhh happy to hear that you are househunting again and I hope you find the exact home that you want!!! ..then come the baby goats right? *snort*

Eva said...

Loved this post! I got to hang out w my niece just one-on-one thanks to the holiday & my mom being out of town. She got dropped off at 2 pm Sunday and I had her until 1:30 today when my mom got back into town. I lied and told her (niece) that our internet & tv weren't working, so we had a ton of non-screen fun: reading and games and outdoorsy stuff! It was lovely. :D

Debi said...

LOVE this post!!! It's just so darn jammed-packed with happy!!! :D And you know, I sort of like that as a sort of goal--50 graphic novels next month...a challenge for sure, and yet possibly still doable. Ooooh, nope--I'm going to make my goal 49 in honor of my birthday! (Yes, I am really going overboard on pampering myself for this coming birthday. :P )

Eva--that totally cracks me up that you lied to your niece! Love it!

Bookfool said...

Do I ever feel like blogging about absolutely nothing? Um . . . have you seen my Monday Malarkey posts? LOL

We had a busy weekend -- actually, that's in my latest Monday post, so I won't bore you with it, but Kiddo just finally went back to school. I'm enjoying the quiet. I love having him around but I'm happy to be alone after a month of Christmas break.

I'm actually going through a weird one-book-at-a-time phase. I like it better when I'm juggling a bunch of titles at once, but for some reason I can only handle one at a time, right now. Whatever works, I guess.

LOVED Level 2! It took a while to get into, I thought, but I loved the uniqueness. And, you will find that Lenore wrapped up the ending nicely. No cliffhanger. Woot!

Becca Lostinbooks said...

I don't think my local bookstore HAS 50 graphic novels! lol That is awesome, though. I look forward to your picks. I didn't know Ray Bradbury had a 100 story collection. What have been your favorite stories so far?

Snowball said...

I love nothing! And cookies! My kitchenaid made me much more adventurous in the kitchen.

I've been spending as much time as possible getting ready to submit poetry for publication. That's my big goal this year.

I stop by here regularly for a smile. :)

Literacy-chic said...

I think about McKenzie's every year at this time! They didn't make my *favorite* king cakes, but they were the ones that were so *different*! And that was fun. I miss king cakes--*real* king cakes--here in Texas.

Andelka Bucklie said...

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georgiamontford said...

I love cookies and books! Hope your cookie turned out well.

-Georgia Montford