Monday, October 22, 2012

Bad Bloggers and Sunday Thoughts

Well today was such a very good Sunday. After a very LONG week. I'm calling this week, week one of the three weeks from hell. A coworker is getting married and because of that, I have a really bizarro schedule which will mean no sleep. This week, I got to work 6 full shifts and I had 7 clients. Not complaining at ALL about those seven clients!! I'm all about the private practice picking up, but it was just a whole lot of work. I felt like I was literally going to have a breakdown by the end of last night. Sooooo.....I slept until 2:30 today. On my first day off. And immediately asked Matt why he let me sleep so late to which the sweet man replied "because you needed it." I also needed to go the grocery and clean today, but those things can wait. We won't starve and the house isn't crawling with bugs...both will get done.

Instead, what we did today was head down to the south shore to my very favorite area of New Orleans, The Marigny. We went down to see a play called The Lily's Revenge which was AMAZING and which I'll tell you about in a second, but before that, we spent the day just walking around and stumbled upon the marigny festival where we found delicious crepes to stuff our faces with before the play.

So onto the Lily's Revenge. Awesome piece of theater that took place in a giant warehouse that houses mardi gras floats. It was a five hour, five act play, which sounds really long, but I loved it all. It was perfect. Each of the five acts took place in a different space of the warehouse set up in a different way. The play centered around a lily (as in a flower) who wanted to be in the spotlight and be loved. There was a battle between the red curtain that was the backdrop who fought for tradition and normalcy and time, a woman initially trapped in a cuckoo clock who fought for tradition to be broken. The lily fell in love with his owner and wished to marry her but tradition of course says that flowers and women cannot be married. So Lily fights to break the essence of who he is and become a man and we follow his journey.

This was just an INCREDIBLE play that of course had a lot of subtext. There was a lot to say about marriage inequality, it was a complete fest of love in all it's forms, it was a battle of tradition versus forward thought, and so many more things. And it was done absolutely beautifully, with plenty of humor, plenty of touching scenes, plenty of touching scenes, and plenty of scenes that were down right sexy and yes the play did include complete nudity.

The five acts were each directed by a different director. Act one was very traditional musical theater, but filled with humor and sort of set the story for what was to come. Act two took us to a different room called "the garden" where the cast was a collection of flowers all played by african american women who imbibed the theater with humor, beautiful poetry and amazing dance. Act three was my favorite and was a dream sequence. It incorporated contemporary dance with very dream like movement from the cast and a very unique set. And it was quite unsettling at times. Very performance art type theater. Act four opened with a woman performing aerial dynamics on a piece of red cloth hung from the ceiling and the rest was a silent film, and the final act was the wedding which literally ended in a giant orgy on the stage. And it was all amazing and if it ever play's anywhere around need to go! Here's a review of the New Orleans production that does much better than I did of describing it!

So on to books...four came into the house this week, and I can only assign blame for one sadly. Also, I REALLY need to review some books :/ But have no clue when I'll have time to. I'll get to them eventually though!

 1. The Elementals by Francesca Lia Block - SO excited about this one! This is Ms. Block's newest release and it's the first in what I believe is a new series for adults. Exciting!! (Bought it)

2. Astray by Emma Donoghue - This is Emma Donoghue's new short story collection and it's just gorgeous!! Can't wait to read this one either. Oh time..I need more of you to read all of these amazing books I keep buying....(Bought it)

3. Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt - I am SO excited about this book!! I adore the title, I love the cover (may be my fav of the year) and the story sounds amazing. This is the book that gets blame. And the blame goes to my friend Leah who I work with. She's one of my only friends that I see daily who reads as much as I do and she read this book and said she thought of me immediately and kept thinking the whole time that I had to read it. She told me to have a box of tissues at hand though! And I love those types of stories :) Point to Leah! (Bought it)

4. Bradbury Stories: 100 Of His Most Celebrated Tales by Ray Bradbury - Yes...a collection of 100 Ray Bradbury stories!!! And it was only $17.99!! I had to get this one!! And my dear friend Debi has it too so we're going to spend a year reading this one together :D Which makes the next year instantly better :) (Bought it)


Ana @ things mean a lot said...

I really want Tell the Wolves I'm Home too - totally Jenny's fault in my case. Also, that play sounds incredible! And Matt was totally right.

Anonymous said...

The play sounds amazing! I've never heard of it, but then I live in an artistic backwater. ;-)

And yay for Tell the Wolves! You'll be reading it next, yes??? It's one of my favorites for the year.

Chris said...

Ana, I started Tell the Wolves I'm Home last night and just the first chapter had me almost in tears!! And yes the play was INCREDIBLE!! I actually though about you during it and thought that you would love it :)

Jill, It was so so good!! And I'm not surprised you haven't heard of's a new play and very under the radar..opened in New York and just making it's debut outside of there..and Yes, started Tell the Wolves I'm home last night :)

sherrimarina said...

I am really late on this, but Thanks for coming to see our show!--Master Sunflower